My letter to You

To you baby I never had. when I look back and missing you so dearly, All I can say, I wasn't ready to have you. To hold you in my arms, to be proud of you. I was just too ashamed for my deed. and sometimes I miss you so much I switch on the light at night, just maybe my situation have changed. but no. it hasn't.  Im still broke, and still can't provide for you on my own.I loved you so much I let you go. ...more

You Provided

You ProvidedOnce apon a while you were used to make fire on.You extinguished fires.You Provided warmth to children on the street. Once apon a place you were used for shelter ,Yyou were somebody's pillowYou kept the wind out. Once apon a day, kiddies used you to create music. Once apon a centure you were used to feed animals and homeless. Once apon a time People used to step on you to open windows. Once apon a minute Marchers used you to make noise....more

Namibian Prayer for GBV

Lord, Jesus,Thank you for this day, thank you that I can pray to you, thank you for the Love in my Life.Lord, God. Please hear our prayer today, We are pleading from you for divine restoration in our lives.We are pleading from you for Help in our lives....more

Am I from You?

Lord, Im 32 and you saved my life till now. you brought me through deep waters and I feel liberated by your love and grace. Lord, Im 32 and there's no one else who knows me better than You, Lord.Lord, Im 32 and you know my struggles, You know my questions and I try to understand it, but I can't because Im the one looking at myself everyday.Lord, Im 32,  You say at the beginning of your word, you created men to your likeness. ...more

Paris 2012

Paris 2012   Today a year ago was a dream come true. This day marks a mile stone in my life.   This day was a day for tears, Happy Tears. Tears of Enjoyment....more

See oor Ascention day

See oor Ascention Day  What an experience!! van tente opslaan tot windkapsels maak,Toe maak ons kampvuur...more
I know people won't be able to understand this language, but I thought Its funny and most South ...more

Our Future is White

Our Future is WhiteWhite doves flying in the air,happy in a bundle to survive.White hair is the new youth,she wears her only white flashy boots on a cold witer's day.AND ME?I want to wear that white dress,and Ill meet you at the altarin your whit tux, with my ring in your pocket.Our future will be white of the unknown,Our future will be white, peacefull and our collected nameswill become one.Together we'll worship the white light,Together our abnormal will become our normal....more

How could It, How could I, How could He

Summer, 1997, Hot, Afternoon, a teenager,I wore a KNEE HIGHT pants, top and tekkies,He said, Rene “let me take you for a drive”Innocence were taken away in 3minutes,He plugged the feathers from my youth in 3minutes,Transition from child to woman in 3 minutes. 3minutes of fighting and screaming. Years have passed and Revenge plots on wrong men, I just wanted my Innocence back, They thought I was going crazy, I couldn’t make sense myself, My reality was different from theirs, death was my only option....more