Please don’t feed me fairytales if you let me get raped as a child.

Renee B. Cooper is building a platform to address the issue of sexual assault.  She is finishing her second round of mental work to clear all the trauma and misconnections.  She only has to go thru the final two stages in theraphy 1) loss and sorrow 2) sexaul healing. ...more

49 year old virgin, healing from childhood rape before 50. Ready to share and grow with new solutions.

I am trying to find new solutions to our out of control sexual assaults. I am just finishing up my second and final round of theaphy. Next I will be entering my cleansing phase, maybe with the dolphins at Joyful Heart Foundation. Then I get to rebuild me without all the yuck.  And that should be really fun.  As I am already preparing.  In fact you may hear my dating question on the Millionaire Matchmaker show on Bravo. ...more