Thanks for the fantasy...

As my own special tribute to Patrick Swayze, here is the first piece of writing I ever did that earned me a paycheck. (It's nearly ten years old so forgive the anachronisms.) For that reason, and because of the responses it drew from all kinds of readers (including a number of men), it will always remain very special to me. You may want to choose your own favorite Patrick moment, but for me, it will always be that final scene. Enjoy. ...more


I need to start paying attention to the annual rhythms of my life. It seems to me I go through similar kinds of feelings from season to season, from year to year. Not that much gets resolves, mind you. But it does feel kind of cyclical. ...more

I think this is what it means to come full circle.

Something about my activity this last week feels very familiar.   I walk into a neat, clean, welcoming room; a room that looks absolutely perfect but for the absence of its owner.  I wander in and out of it from day to day, puffing up a pillow there, smoothing out an already smooth bedcover there.  The pictures are in place, the curtains hang neatly, and the little touches that make it unique remain intact from day to day.  ...more

Are there really people waiting to read this?

** NOTE: I realize I'm writing a blog and therefore probably guilty of exactly what I'm about to discuss here but so be it. I prefer to think of it as being complex, not contradictory. ** I admit I have a completely irrational streak about publishing. I LOVE great writing, both fiction and non-fiction, but I HATE what feels like indulgent, pretentious, entitled, annoying writing and publishing of same. ...more

Reason # 576 that baby boomers are needy, pathetic losers.

I know. I AM a baby boomer but that doesn't stop me from realizing we are a generation of whiny, entitled brats. That has to be true; otherwise there is no explanation for something like <a href=",9171,1916284,00.html?artId=1916284?contType=article?chn=us">this</a>.   ...more

...and another musical light flickers out.

I can't quite explain why I feel so sad about the death of Willy DeVille, who passed away of pancreatic cancer at the age of 58. ...more

Q: When is a triangle not a triangle? A: When it becomes another way to question yourself.

I spend a lot of time on the phone every day.   Not only do I work very closely with colleagues in another location,  I also speak to clients in different parts of the country all day.  Many times I'm actually involved in a conversation; but almost as often, I'm on a conference call with the mute button activated.  And while I'm sitting, listening and trying to stay alert, I often find myself doodling in pencil (always in pencil) in my spiral notebook.    ...more

Hi Denise -

Well, now you just have to tell me!  "Complicated?" ...more