Ethel Kennedy gets Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama (Renee Ashley Baker Wordpress)

 President Obama awarded the prestigious medals to 18 honorees — including Stevie Wonder, Meryl Streep, Marlo Thomas and Tom Brokaw. But spies at the ceremony in the White House’s East Room said that honoree Ethel Kennedy, widow of Robert F. Kennedy, enjoyed special privileges....more


       For those who haven't read me before , I'm moving to Paris France to launch "Erma French Perfume and           I'll pick my pick yours and see  if we match.  Oh no!  Did I say match?  As in same party and two "lites" come in wearing the same dress!  OMG!  (FYI:  "Lites " is an abbreviation  for "socialites"....I'm making up my own code ...calling it BSTL (Basic Symbolic Twitter Language...).   ...more

Rant and Rave: Will The "Pink Ghetto" Please Get Outta Here?

      Just the other day, I got an email in my mailbox about the shabby “pink ghetto” that “female publicists” have cordoned off for themselves….A while back (actually several years ago) I read something (on the internet) about female publicists being “party girls”; about how they are living off of “tasty trade outs” with manufacturers of designer handbags and designer “Choos”.  I read about how these “female publicists” would come teetering out of Mercedes Benzs making holes in well-manicured lawns with their well-heeled “4 inch sti...more

Film! Fashion! New York! A "Rags To Rags" Story.....

New Film/Documentary Project Now On Kickstarter:click link below):

#Father's Day 2014, #Fashion Fall/Winter 2014, and #Grace Jones News by Renee Ashley Baker

June 11, 2014Hi Friends and Fans:A year has passed and Father's Day is here you're shopping for that fall/winter wear check out my video, and did you hear about that "faux Grace Jones is dead scare"?  Well, it's just that, for all Grace's fans...she's ALIVE!  Click to view my WP post: ...more


Springtime, Summer and Weddings ! Enjoy  my latest Post:

ABOUT MEN: The Thinking Man! (and a Beauty Book ) by Renee Ashley Baker

        Men, Men, Men my favorite topic.  It's going to take Men to "turn the economy around" and put 14 million people back to work.  Bloomberg's "New Energy Summit" is coming up in April.  To read more about it--click link below: ...more