The Third Grade Liar

One cold blistery Maine winter morning, I climbed my way up the rickety stairs of my elementary school. I joined the line of third grade girls on the left side of the staircase, as one the the teachers was heading down. “Renee, how was your weekend?” She cheerfully asked me. I thought for a moment before slowly and sadly reached up touching my throat. In the raspiest most pained whisper I could muster up said “I had my tonsils out.”...more

There's A Nickel In My Pantyhose

This morning my alarm clock went off so early that it wasn't even light out yet. After swearing allot and hitting snooze a couple of times, I dragged myself out of bed to get ready for my temp job interview in Midtown.I quickly got dressed in my black business dress,blazer and nude pantyhose with classic black heels.Going to job interviews in NYC during the winter is sucktastic, because you can't wear boots to change out of unless you want to look like a big bag lady....more

Behind The Scenes Of The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

I love parades. When I was a child I would be in every local parade I could, dressing up to be on floats as Cinderella or with the local library. I was always big attention whore, and that has not changed much....more

Buy Me Something! My Opinion Of Weddings

In 2010 the cost of the average wedding was over $20, 000. The National Divorce Rate was 50%.When I think of marriage, these are the thoughts that go through my head.Though I have been in a long term relationship for many years I do not feel the need to get married, or have children and doubt that will change....more

Renee At 27

On February 29th 2011, I will turn 27 years old. Since there is no February 29th 2011, I will have to choose between celebrating my leap day birthday on February 28th or March 1st. Or maybe I will just stay 24 until 2012. ...more

Back To The Beginning

When I think back to the beginning I can still sort of remember my natural hair color. Almost.I was eighteen years old, and full of hope for my future acting career in New York City.I just knew it wouldn't be long before an agent or director plucked me from the crowd of unknowns and made me a star.If I can make it here I can make it anywhere right?Well who'd have thought it would be so effing hard to make it here! Christ!I had moved to the big city from the small city completely unarmed in life skills and short on money....more