Oh, For the Sweet Release of No-Holds-Barred Blogging

There is something gloriously releasing in being able to blog as one wants.  Sure, I'm a mom and being such, I need to curb my natural desires to simply just go off....more

Solar Powered Green Web Hosting With AISO.Net

When seeking out a new web hosting provider, there are several pieces of criteria that most use to ensure the best possible provider is chosen for their web site. It is becoming increasingly more popular to seek out hosting companies that are either using green technologies to power their services or those that minimally give back to the environment with the purchase of credit offsets or green tags. One web hosting company that has opted to bypass the credit offsetting and is actually using clean, renewable energy resources is AISO.Net....more

Thank you for this blog post. The commenter, then, becomes the critic who shapes the writer's ...more

With Green Hosting, Actual is Better Than Offsetting

With the trend quickly becoming to be more environmentally friendly, web hosting companies are doing their part to do less damage and even give back ecologically.  Most participate in the purchase of carbon offset credits - wind, solar and other clean energy dollar amounts equal to what the company produces - however, a few are actually using cleaner energy....more

Credibility Is More Than Just a Word

Recently, I wrote an article on the importance of personal branding when dealing with online journalism.  One topic I broached but didn't go into detail was on being authentic.  Part of this is being truthful.  Readers can smell a liar and a fake a mile away....more

Repetitiveness and off-topic posting is a no-no

If you want to succeed in the online world, both personally and professionally, being concise and on-topic will go a long way to ensuring both your happiness and the happiness of others online....more

Going Back to School - Online Style

After much consideration, a career switch, and some super feedback regarding my current work, I've decided to add going back to school onto my already over-filled plate.The process is already in motion - I've applied to a local community college and will be enrolling and registering for online courses to complete an AA in Journalism.  Surprisingly, the application process has been a breeze - all online, all interconnected to specific tasks I need to attend to. ...more

How I Manage Kids, House, Pets, and Work

In addition to working as a freelance writer and web developer from home, I also am a single mother to three beautiful and bright children, am co-owner of three dogs of varying sizes and live in a home that is over fifty years old and has seen better days.It's a challenge to balance all of these things and still manage to have time for myself and my partner.  You'd think I'd have some beautifully orchestrated process to ensuring everything is done but the reality is, very little of what I do on a daily basis well-planned out....more

A Privilege, Not a Right

One of the most frustrating things I come across nearly on a daily basis is a clear lack of understanding when it comes to certain words.  The most recent has been the definition of the word "right".As humans, we all have certain rights.  The United Nations has a clear doctrine in place that covers what rights we have as humans.  The United States expounds further on what basic rights we are afforded....more

Access to the Internet is a Privilege Not a Right

I saw something the other day that I had to reread a couple of times to be sure I understood it correctly:...more

Straightening Out Lifestyle Misconceptions

Recently, comments on a forum I'm a member of got me to thinking about my own participation and views on being an active member of the "lifestyle" (swinging, as most people think of it).  I'm amazed that even after all this time and all the informational pieces that are out there for people to educate themselves on exactly what is entailed in the participation of an alternative sexual lifestyle that people still tend to think of it as a "throw your car keys into a bowl and have at it" kind of situation....more