Traumatic Incidents

This is a difficult challenge / post that has been brought up today. And, because I was just discussing with Geoff last night the importance of being honest when blogging, I feel obligated to do just that. I have posted a minor piece of this incident here. I have vowed to never post about this EVER....more

Finding Balance

Is there really such a thing? My mind is in a constant state of disorganization. Or maybe a short attention span.Very early on in my relationship with Geoff we recognized the need to set aside time that was solely dedicated to just us. He was working different hours back then and on weekends. I was doing the 8 to 5 grind with weekends off. Our down time was always spent without each other. ...more

Pen Vs. Computer

Recently I stumbled across multiple journals that I had written from the age of 15 - 21. I was such a tortured soul. Or so I thought. Its funny to read about all my teenage angst and drama. If I ever had the opportunity to chat with my teenage self I would tell her to lighten up!!!   Read More Here:

Fall Decorating & Activities

Its been busy on the compound these last few months! I finally got the opportunity to go Blaisdell Brothers Family Farm which is right down the road from my house. What a great place this is! They have really pretty pumpkins, squashes and ghords to decorate for fall....more

Occupy This!

Working It Out

Back in April of 2010 I posted that my friends and I were going to start doing P90X....more

A Walk With My Maaaaahhhhh - Posting From The Dude

So, you know sometimes? When you wake up in the morning? Sometimes I wake up a couple of times during the night just to see if it is morning time yet....more