You are a Virtuous woman and mother

A Virtuous Woman and Mother This past Sunday, I read Proverbs 31 in its entirety for the first time in many years.  Although some of it would be considered "dated", it is a beautiful piece that reads like a song.  Below are the words that inspire me the most....more

25 Instructional Bible Verses for Children and Parents

The Bible is a fantastic teacher! As good parents, whether we consider ourselves religious, spiritual or even a non-believer, we all have common values that we want to share with our children. The principles of love, obedience, patience,   kindness, forgiveness and peace are all covered in beautiful poetic language. I get excited when I am in a stressful situation and the perfect bible verse comes to mind....more

Happy Father's Day: Did you Grow Up Without a Father?

Happy Father's Day! It is a sentiment that I have rarely had a chance to express to my own father. He was in and out of my life for many years and when he was in my life, it felt strange to say it. Happy Father's Day seems like a special statement to be reserved for the most special fathers, you know, the ones who were around to change diapers, wipe tears, give great advice, lecture that boy taking me out on my first date,  and walk me down the aisle during my wedding.Growing up, I was raised by 2 great mothers so I really didn't give fatherhood much thought....more

A Random Act of Unkindness Inspires 14 Words of Wisdom for My Boys

Yesterday, as I was taking a leisurely stroll to the gym, I noticed a pickup truck driving through my neighborhood.  It was noticeable because it was a 2 seater with about 4 kids, mostly young boys crammed into the front seat.  As it drove by me, a boy in the passenger seat who looked between 15 to 17, looked at me and yelled a racial epithet, preceded by a 4 letter word.  My immediate thoughts were "Did I just hear that?" and "How weirdly random was that?"....more

Calling all Moms Raising Boys!!!

If you are a mom raising boys, please join me at ...more

Reclaiming my Passion and Happiness. Join Me!

Reading the Happiest Mom, Join Me!...more

Going Gluten-Free for your Health Going Gluten-Free for your Health...more

Autism affects 1 in every 70 Boys: Resources  Autism Affects 1 in Every 70 Boys: Information and Resources...more

How Have You Changed Since Becoming a Mother? Are you raising boys? If so, how has it changed you? How do you get along with their girlfriends and wives? I didn't give these questions much thought until I read this quote from Joanna Trollope, author of the book Daughter-in-law. ...more

Optimism Allows Us to Live Boldly without Fear ...more