Chemical Free Bug Repellent Recipe

It’s about that time here in Alabama. About time for the monster mosquitos that love to eat us ALIVE.  ...more

Recipe for Lavender Linen Spray

I hope you are having a fabulous week! My girls are getting ready for school to get out and I am biting my nails that this is our last week before their education is ALL my responsibility! YIKES! I’m excited though! ...more

Our First Big Event… Success

Thursday night, the Lemon Droppers had their first live event at the Aveda Institute theatre. It was amazing that we were able to put this together in as little as three weeks! We have a great team! Monique and I were both so nervous, me more than her. The Lord is definitely throwing me out of my comfort zone by having me speak in front of so many people! I am used to just hiding behind a blog! ...more

The Lemon Drop Lounge

You will see a new tab on my navigation bar titled the Lemon Drop Lounge. I am so excited about this anointed adventure with my friends Monique, Lindsay and Crystal. Monique and her husband plus Lindsay created this website in a WEEK!! It’s amazing. The Lemon Drop Lounge is a place for us to write, compile Essential oil education, buy essential oils and meet other essential oil and wellness enthusiasts for encouragement on our journey to better health ....more


Money is tight. Insurance is going up. The cost of food is going up and now we are eating food that cost 30% more than processed foods. Gas is going up. People are losing jobs. Country’s are going under. Goodness. We have bills to pay, debt we owe, and places we want to go! I’ve been praying and praying and praying for God to bless our finances and he so has. My husband has a great job and we are ...more




This week has been eventful to say the least. There has been a lot going on around me, some good, some not so good but I do know God is GOOD! SO glad to know that. If you noticed, this week my blog was down. I made a big mistake by trying to update the new commerce plug in that I have been using. Apparently it didn’t like the theme I was using or the design, so it just wiped ...more


I crashed my site friends.  I’m working really hard to put it back together! I’m beyond  tears right now. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I”ll let you know when I’m back up…FYI- DON”T EVER EVER EVER update your big plug in if you have done custom blog work. You will lose it ALL. Blah.The post SITE DOWN appeared first on ....more


Two nights ago, my sweet friend Doran, aka Saavy Mom asked me to come on air on Priority Talk Radio to talk about how to use Essential Oils in an emergency. I thought this was a fabulous topic for day three of our week of oils series here on the blog. I unfortunately couldn’t do the show because we had to go check on the cabin, but it was God’s plan for Monique to do it in my place! It ...more


My week of oils series took a back burner today when my mom called to let me know that our little cabin in the woods needed to be checked on. A neighbor not too far from us had 3 trees fall on her house during the storms on Monday. EEP! I kind a sorta had a feeling we should go scope it out. My Grandaddy built this cabin with a friend in 1976 out of scraps of free stuff. Everything ...more