Retro Planner Series – Butter!

Time for more planning. This week I added something fun: A decoupaged journaling card for my planner! Since Alex has started pre-school (Hooray!), I’ve wanted to add in some more pictures every week, and I need room for ticket stubs and little memory things like that, so this fun card is blank on the back and Alex and I will collage some stuff onto it at the end of the week ....more

Apple Cider Upside-Down Cake, 1966 – A Mid-Century Recipe Re-Run

It’s apple cider time! I think I run this post every year, but this cake is seriously that good and we make it all the time. Since it is apple season here in Michigan and I am breaking out the tested and delicious apple recipes from my collection, I thought I would remind everyone how good and easy this cake really is and I decided to revive it again from the archives ....more

My Vintage Apron Collection – Part 1

By RetroRuth If you’ve seen my recent post about reorganizing my kitchen, you know I recently went through everything hanging around in my kitchen and pantry cabinets, purging and moving things around mostly just to drive Tom crazy. During that process, I sorted through my vintage apron collection. Which was tons of fun because I hardly got rid of anything ....more

Won’t You Be My Neighbor – Salt Lake City, Utah

By MidModMichelle Hey friends it’s Sunday again already! Where did this week go?? I’ve got a lovely home for you today that I’ll file under major potential ....more

Jellied Tomato-Olive Mold, 1961 – A Mid-Century Recipe Test

This week we are going to cut through the bull and lay it right on the table: I made this vintage aspic because I wanted to see what it tasted like. Because that is what we do here on Mid-Century Menu. That’s it ....more

Retro Craft Time – Super Easy Apron Lady Magnet Labels for Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

By RetroRuth Hey guys! This week we are going to craft (or throw together) some really simple magnet labels that you can use inside or outside of your vintage metal kitchen cabinets! I recently did a huge purge and reorganizing of our kitchen cabinets, including our dishes and our pantry ....more