Won’t You Be My Neighbor – Appleton, Wisconsin

By RetroRuth This week we have a very, very green time capsule from Wisconsin. And I don’t mean eco-friendly, I mean Kermit the Frog green! And I like it ....more

Happy Thanksgiving!

By Sara In AZ Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day everyone and be sure to save a drumstick for me! 1958: Bruce Myers with nurse Miss Carolyn Thomas and a turkey. Photo credit: The Dark Room Baltimore Sun ...more

Vintage Thanksgiving Tested Recipe Roundup – Mid-Century Recipes For Your Thanksgiving Table!

The Big T-Day is almost upon us! Do you know what you’re making? I am publishing this week’s post a bit early for this lovely holiday week just in case some of you need ideas for your Thanksgiving table ....more

Won’t You Be My Neighbor – San Antonio, Texas

By RetroRuth We have an SOS home this week! Thank you to reader Shawn who sent this home in. According to Shawn the home has been on the market for a while and the owners are feeling pressure to “update” ....more

Thrifty Thursday

By Sara In AZ ...more

Mystery Pecan Pie, 1964 – A Vintage Thanksgiving Recipe Re-Run

I know, I know. I have re-run this recipe before, but this pie is just So. Dang ....more

Won’t You Be My Neighbor – Winneconne, Wisconsin

By RetroRuth This week we have a great home from Wisconsin! This home is located at 534 Old Orchard Road in Winneconne, Wisconsin. The home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms and is approximately 2,400 square feet ....more

Vincent Price’s Pumpkin Pie – A Vintage Recipe Re-Run

This is it!! It’s the biggest eating season of the year! After we finish off all the Halloween candy in the house, it’s pretty much a gorge-fest until Valentine’s Day ....more

Won’t You Be My Neighbor – Winsted, Minnesota

By RetroRuth Let’s take a look at a lovely home that needs a bit of work. This home was recently sent in by reader Neil (who writes for the very cool...more

Kool Kitsch For Sale on Etsy–Thanksgiving Edition

by Andrea Affiliate Links Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, but Thanksgiving for those of you in the US is just around the corner!...more