Mike and Sara Rehab a 60s Retro Ranch : Our Long Journey with a Set of Vintage EJS Pendant Lights – Part 1

By Sara In AZ Hmmmmmm, ok – where do I even begin with this post……I guess I will start way, WAY back at the beginning. A few years ago, December 2011, to be exact, I happened to be hunting for metal cabinets on Craigslist. I was looking for St ....more

Displays Around My Vintage Kitchen – Frosted Glasses, Harlequin Dishes and Ice Cream Madness!

By RetroRuth I recently rearranged some display areas in our kitchen! A few weeks ago Tom commented, quiet accurately, that there were things in bags laying around our kitchen that we had bought months ago. So, to make it seem less like we are hoarding and more like we are collecting, I set to unpacking ....more

Frankfurters in Crust – Mid-Century Recipe Guest Test Sunday

I wouldn’t have wanted to be in on the brainstorming session for this recipe. Coming up with the dish and ingredients, not a problem. But the best name they could come up with was “Frankfurters in Crust”? ...more

Won’t You Be My Neighbor – Hagerstown, MD

By Eartha Kitsch ...more

Vintage Snappy Saturday : 1950s Bloomingdale’s Green Room – Sutton Place Hackensack New Jersey

By Sara In AZ My ultimate dream shopping trip! ...more

Kool Kitsch For Sale On eBay – Thanksgiving Edition

by Andrea I know that the American readers might be thinking it’s a little early for Thanksgiving – but Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away for us Canadians. ...more

Mike and Sara Rehab a 60s Retro Ranch : Installing a Vintage Atomic Starburst Light in the Powder Room Bathroom

By Sara In AZ To be perfectly frank with y’all we already had a 100% perfectly fine bathroom light already in the powder room bathroom. We are pretty sure it is the original light and it is a vintage MOE light – as the tag is still on the back. There is completely nothing wrong with this light and I do think it is really cool…..it’s just that I have ALWAYS had this dream of installing...more

Chocolate Mocha-Dot Cake, 1945 – The Vintage Cake Corner

From Baking Is Fun by Ann Pillsbury, 1945 «...more

Plastics Revolution – Better Homes and Gardens April 1969

By Andrea The late 60’s were definitely a time for innovation in consumer products and usage of new materials – such as plastic....more

I’m In The Current Flea Market Style Magazine!

By RetroRuth Exciting news!!! You may have already seen this magazine...more