A Shift

What happens to your emotions when you don’t get what you want?This morning I went to a Weight Watchers meeting with high expectations.  All week long I had followed the program exactly.  I ate the right things, did lots of exercise, and drank lots of water.  I walked into the meeting feeling great!...more

Spring Intentions

The other day there was a total solar eclipse and a new moon on the Vernal equinox.  Individually each event is symbolic of new beginnings.  Everything happening on the same day seems like a giant invitation from the Universe to consciously set some intentions and create newness in our lives.Mary Morrisey, in her Prosperity Plus program, suggests starting a personal Vision statement with the words:  “I’m so happy and grateful.” I like this because being happy and grateful is one of my intentions.  So here’s a few of mine:...more

Pay Attention

At the end of the film, Boyhood, the young ones have hiked into the mountains, and two of them are standing on top of a rock hill – the one speaking has his arms stretched out, and he yells this line at the top of his voice:    “It’s like all of time has unfolded before us so we can stand here and yell “F*#! Yeah!”...more

Be a Curator

BLESSINGS TO ALL FOR THE BEST YEAR EVER!!Every year I pick a new daily reader book to start my morning spiritual practices with.  This year I decided to revisit Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance....more

Be Your Unique Self

A few weeks ago I saw the movie “The Giver.”   I immediately got the book out of the library, surprised to discover it was a young adult novel. The book was much simpler than the movie and both gave me so much to think about.In the movie, everyone lives in sameness – same clothes, same rituals, same restrictions in language.  People are ‘assigned’ their children and children are ‘assigned’ their future.  Everyone is polite, no one asks questions, no one wants to rock the boat.  Everyone follows the rules – even the weather!...more

Last Message from Baltimore

My last Friday Message from Baltimore ..  ...more

A Love Story

In May, I participated in Panache DeSai’s 33 day program online with his new book - “Discovering Your Soul Signature.”  One thing about doing spiritual work, anything that needs to be released comes up.  In my case, deep childhood emotional wounds of rejection and abandonment came to the surface once again. Those feelings started with being adopted at 2 1/2. My new Mother told me over and over again as I was growing up that I wasn't wanted, that my birth mother had rejected me from the day I was born, and was always trying to find a way to get rid...more

Laugh at Yourself

I had been trying to listen to SLRN (Spiritual Living Radio Network) and was getting very frustrated with my laptop -- suddenly the sound wouldn't work!  Even though it was turned all the way up, I could only hear a faint bit.  I checked Windows help, Mozilla help and Sony VAIO help, and nothing they suggested worked, so figured I'd have to take it to the computer repair shop for a new speaker....more

Changes ....

My life changed drastically this winter.  I was working and loving what I was doing, and the next moment wasn’t working and feeling a deep sense of loss. A friend’s sister had written a blog titled “Nothing Prepared Me for This.”   And that’s the Truth.  Nothing in my life prepared me for what I was experiencing.  I felt like I was walking through a thick fog, doing what was in front of me to do, stranded alone except for a couple of friends, (thank God for them!)  The ease ...more

Rev. Angelica's Wild Ride

I saw a picture of a roller coaster the other day and realized that’s what my life has been like lately.  I got on it just before the holidays and the ride’s not over yet.  Not really the pattern I wanted to set for 2014, but we do what’s in front of us, eh?   It’s Rev. Angelica’s Wild Ride.     ...more