IKEA Latt Makeover

I had a couple questions about Henry’s play table, so I thought I’d post a brief “tutorial” on how we took it from completely ugly to super cute. I use the word “tutorial” very loosely as this was the easiest (and cheapest!) project...more

And, now you are two

I’m not sure how it happened this quickly, but apparently I have a two-year old. I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately about the day he was born and the two years we’ve spent together as a family of three. I hate the gushy “I LOVE BEING A MOM!!!!!” declarations you see on Facebook and the like, but it’s true ....more

Splendid Loves Portland

…and I love Splendid. I was tired last Wednesday. So tired that even though I had planned to go to the Splendid Grand Opening Party, I put on my pajamas instead ....more

Of Germs and Guilt

When I’m done here, I think I’ll go lick all the germy things. For the most part, preschool has been a wonderful experience for our little guy. His language has exploded and he has the best time there ....more

Friday Bullets

OH HEY. Guess what? Preschool germs are brutal, that’s what ....more

Back to Work and Off to School

Since we last spoke, there have been some big changes in our world. We bought a new house, moved, sold our old one, (in that order, because we really like to fly by the seat of our pants over here), took a kid-free trip to Napa, sent Henry to school and I went back to work. YEP ....more

Affordable (and Adorable!) Kids’ Clothing at Downtown PDX Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack provided me with a gift card to shop the new Kids’ Section at their Downtown Portland store, but thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. ...more

Henry at 20-Months

At 20-months-old, Henry… Has had 6 haircuts. Is working on his canines Has been to the dentist twice. Has about 50 words and is starting to put together 2-3 word sentences ....more


Well, that was quite the little break. We’re here and we’re well but we’re busy. Here’s what’s been going on… ...more

To Get Me To You

I received a letter from the surgeon that removed the endometrioma from my body back in August 2008 to let me know that she is retiring. It’s really not something I think about that often anymore, but way before I was married (in fact, Bill and I had just started dating) I went through some pretty difficult treatment to make it possible to have a baby one day ....more