The "what would you do" moments

There is a reality TV show on now called, "What would you do?" and the premise is just that: what would you do in certain situations. Most of the situations are awkward, tense and even a little outrageous, but the concept is a good one. You can't ever predict how you'll react to a certain situation...but your "response-ability" is important (see what I did there?).  ...more

The Hamster Wheel (aka another rut cycle)


Life Coach Chat--Lists


Life Coach Chat: Balance


The Big Picture

When you were younger, what did you dream about doing when you grew up?  I bet you didn't dream about the daily activities in life that we carry out in the journey to our goals, did you? You probably focused more on the big picture of what your life would be.  What did that big picture entail? Describe it.  What do you experience in your heart when you think about that big picture?  ...more

Life Coach Chat: Priorities



Have you ever met anyone who completely blew your mind with the story of how they overcame struggle like being in poverty and then building their own business; struggling with morbid obesity and through healthy means  transforming their body; or even how they were stuck in a horrible job only to create the job of their dreams?  I call these situations: game changers.  ...more

Centering for the week

I don't know about you, but I have a "ritual" to get myself prepared for the week ahead every Sunday night. Mine involves stretching, especially if I need some stress relief from the long week I just had, snuggling on the couch with my hubby and puppies, and centering myself for the week. ...more

Life Coach Chat--Transitions


Hectic schedules

It's the beginning of the week. Have you looked at your calendar yet? I bet you have! And let me guess, you have lots of appointments, work functions, kid activities, errands, oh, and you have to sleep sometime! This is how life works: time is a hot commodity these days and we never seem to have enough. So then why do we stuff it full of "have to" things?  ...more