Just Be Jennifer Lawrence!

Miley Cyrus, Blurred Lines, Fame and No

 Here I am once again so late to the party that not only has this Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke twerking thing passed but apparently she was engaged then not engaged to some famous guy I never heard of--Liam Hemsworth. I had to look him up.  Honestly, could this get more complicated? He is the younger brother of two other famous actors I never heard of, Chris and Luke; an Australian trio of young lads who found their way to Los Angeles.  Of the three brothers, I’m slightly embarrassed by my ignorance regarding Chris Hemsworth....more

What is so Great about being Great?

"Mom is apparel a dirty word?"

 We have all seen the endless American Apparel billboards, subway ads, bus stop posters, and magazine spreads for this company which primarily makes casual clothing targeted for the 18-25 age group, T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, underwear. ...more

Scarlett Johannson's Breasts

   On a routine visit to a new dermatologist, as mine had moved to NYC, I was referred to Dr....more

Keeping kids safe at crowded theme parks

 Summer is upon us, and the kids want to go everywhere, beaches, theme parks, baseball stadiums, museums, hikes, waterparks, the list goes on....more

"Fifty Shades of Grey!" he raised an eyebrow phlegmatically

The fans^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  "I want to eat the birdseed!!"...more

Why I Can't Stop Watching The Help

I’m 10, have 5 siblings, an absent mother that yanked us out of our predictable home and away from my father whom I adored.  However, she did not.  At 28, with 6 kids, all she could understand was how she was robbed of her youth. She did not want to go to church, hang out with the other mothers, sew clothes, cook dinner, shop or clean. She wanted to march in protest lines, stand up for civil rights, hang out in the “hippy” section of Detroit and blare the Rolling Stones....more

My mother was a Playboy Bunny, make it stop!


Where is my son!?

  Where is my Son?                              Leaving my seven year old son with Pina always resulted in some kind of catastrophe. She lived next door, a single mom as well, with her own seven year old boy, Allesandro. Out of my own laziness, I sometimes let James go there so I could work.Our exchanges were always the same....more