Thankful Thursday

  Happy Thankful Thursday! ...more

Prayers for Oklahoma {#prayforoklahoma}

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Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday friends! May is the time when commencement speeches start flooding my timeline on Twitter & Facebook. I love this time of year because it feels like a fresh start: the beginning of summer and the start of so many young graduate’s futures ....more

Ain’t too proud to bribe…

Pardon my English for this title but this subject is totally reminiscent of The Temptations song “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg.” Except in this case I’m not begging for a second chance at love, but for a much less romantic second chance: for a 3-year-old who poops in the toilet again. You see, before we left for Disney, Jackson was doing awesome in potty training ....more

Thank You Mom