Failure is insured.

This morning I read a news report about a man who went to prison... on purpose. Basically, James Verone walked into a bank and handed the teller note. In the note he stated that he was robbing the bank and to please only give him a dollar. Yes, he actually did say please in his note. This man with no prior record or trouble with the law only wanted one dollar.Why?He needed healthcare....more

Some time.

For the last few months I have been doing a lot of soul searching. I have also, been hired, let go due to down sizing, had my wisdom tooth cut out and my jaw damaged in the process, started home schooling my gifted son, helped my mother- in - law through a handful of health ailments, ran afore mentioned mothers business, traveled to Oregon and Utah twice, planned moves that never happened, and most of all began the long road of explaining my issues. I also bought a new keyboard with a steel reinforced comma key for those times when a sentence need to be its own paragraph....more

A pre-bedtime dream list

What I dream of and long for:Everything on the list is of course NOT in CaliforniaA lovely kitchen to bake cookies in... every single dayA nice coffee machine that makes singles cups of perfect coffee in 1 minuteAn enclosed trampoline for kiddo to just go nuts onA big backyard, with grass, and a nice mower for me to mow it withA large but still single story home, no stairs for us!To decorate with lots of the pretty barn starsA porch swingQuilts.. lots of them...more

This man of mine 2

For the past 3 years my husband and I have been talking about, day dreaming, and planning on moving out of california. The job market is just flat out horrible, the schools fail to teach even basic lessons, the pollution, the crime, the list goes on and on. My husband has been out of work for two years now, as I have mentioned before. Also as mentioned before, this has put a huge strain on our relationship. I know how hard it is out there and have spoken to several other ladies at work who have husband in the same situations....more

About 10 weeks ago i wrote a comment for your post This Man of Mine. After that, i stumbled upon ...more

Home on the range.

So today I called in sick to work. No big deal you say? It is for me. For many years now I have fought this really annoying trait of not being able to say no. Can I work overtime? Yes. Can I clean that pile of baby bodily function goo? Sure! Can you work 18 hours at two jobs everyday, cut your sons hair, take your mom to the store, and make dinner for 8 people? SURE SURE SURE SURE!!!...more

This man of mine

There are some moments when I look at my husband and think, "Wow, he such a sweet and rare man to have." Seriously, my husband would not hurt anyone or anything intentionally. He is a true gentle giant and loves his family with all his big goofy heart. So why is it other times I just want to pack my bags and leave him?...more

I agree with you so much on all those points. The thing is even though in my brain I know these ...more

Parent and child. Circle of hypocrisy.

Home from hours and hours of cleaning up the kids section at work. Why do kids not clean their rooms? I will tell you for free. They just act like mommy while she is shopping and elbowing other moms in the face to save $2.00 on a spongebob t-shirt little John Smith is going to wear once.If only the holiday spirit could be bought in stores....more

If Miss America sold well priced apparel

First day of training complete!I have accepted a seasonal position at a major retail chain. I shall not unveil the name because I can see already lots of juicy stories that will probably get me fired.As I said, today was my first day of training. Now we all know retail really relies on customer service. Customers are your reason for breathing and living while you are at work apparently. So for several hours a group of strangers sit around a training table discussing scenarios just to really drive this point home....more

The horizon is so near, be careful not to fall off!

    So today I get a phone call...FOR A JOB INTERVIEW!Disclaimer: Sorry, but that really needed caps and I may even drop a few more before all is said and done.My first thought after hanging up the phone was, "I will not have to change diapers anymore."...more

Crap I think up (1)

Why should you send your husband to Home Depot?What is a better home improvement than a home with the husband gone? Thanks Home Depot! ...more