A Mother Had a Daughter Who Had an Eating Disorder

Yesterday on Twitter, a blogger who had read my Dr. Phil anorexia post tweeted to me. I went over to look at her blog and felt the familiar stomach drop when I read this: A month ago,...more

Get Ready for the Fall 2014 YA Scavenger Hunt (It's So Much Bigger!)

Hello Everyone! It's that time again. We have less than two weeks until the YA Scavenger Hunt begins ....more

The Reaction of Her Coworker Is Priceless

If you're at work, put on headphones ....more

The Day I Found a Baby Bird

The noise was incessant. I mentioned it to my husband, who was working from home. "What is up with that BIRD?"...more

On Writing Teen Characters

Today I'm over at Fiction Reboot|Daily Dose talking about how hard it is to write a believable teen character. Read it here ....more

I Had This Friend

I had this friend who died almost two years ago at the age of 41 teaching people to body surf in the ocean. I had this friend who made fun of me even as I sat in the hospital with cat bite fever. He sent me a bouquet of flowers ....more

Should Parents Get Sued for Their Kids' Crimes?

Last weekend, I caught my daughter and a friend in a tree house in someone else's yard when the tree house-owning family was not home. "You're trespassing!" I yelled at my girl. She told me the neighbor's second-grade son had given them permission to be in the tree house when he wasn't home, and her friend had persuaded her it would be okay. I don't approve of her playing the follower when it comes to screwing up. Just because she didn't think of it doesn't mean she didn't do it. My anger launched a longer talk about taking personal responsibility even when a fallback excuse exists. ...more
Nikkistory I agree -- lots of influences, tough questions.more

How You Can Freak Out Over Growing Pains: Osgood-Schlatter Disease

My ten-year-old started complaining about her knee about a month ago. Sometimes it was fine, and sometimes she dragged her leg around like it was someone else's, calling it her "bum knee" and ready to swap stories in golf course pro shops. I wrote it off to drama, because: tween....more
I had this as a kid, mostly in my right knee. It got me out of running in PE for a while. ...more

Publishing, Punching and Playdates: Author Jen Mann of People I Want to Punch in the Throat

I first met Jen Mann of People I Want to Punch in the Throat in person in ...more
Reading it now and laughing my ass off.more

I Don't Know Why Red Fades Before Blue, It Just Does

Ani DiFranco was wrong to try to host a gathering in a Southern plantation, but she also taught me a lot about life as a writer. "I am struck by the mediocrity of my finest hour." "I don't know why red fades before blue, it just does." These two sentiments have colored my career as a writer. I struggle to be taken seriously, mostly in my own head ....more