The Worst Prom Dresses of 2015

Gather around, my friends. It's our favorite time of year: bad prom dress season! While we love the girls inside the dresses, we feel it's our duty to guide today's youth in the area of formalwear. The BlogHer editorial team passed around a few pics ... what do YOU think?...more
Wow! These are really bad! The comments were entertaining.more

I Like Things Made of Wood

Hey y'all. A cool company in Missouri sent me a wooden watch. I reviewed it on Surrender, Dorothy: Reviews here ....more

Announcing the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Voices of the Year Honorees!

Today we unveil the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Voices of the Year honorees. It’s our eighth year producing the Voices of the Year (affectionately known as #VOTY) but it never, NEVER gets old. This year the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Community Keynote will be held on Friday, July 17, at 4:30 p.m. ET....more
Still trying to process this - I didn't even know I'd been nominated! This post was my first at ...more

The Children's Menu

"Do you want the children's menu?" the hostess asked, flicking her eyes over my girl on her eleventh birthday. It seemed awfully small for The Cheesecake Factory, a place with a menu that sells advertising. We took it, anyway ....more

How It's Getting Even Easier to Listen to Your Mother

Ann Imig is a very funny force of nature, the blogger behind Ann's Rants and the founder of Listen to Your Mother, the spoken-word show that has taken the U.S. by storm and inspired Ann's latest project, her book: LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: What She Said Then, What We're Saying Now, which will be published by G.P. Putnam's Sons on April 7, 2015....more
I was so proud to do that BlogHer Room of Your Own panel with you Ann. Was it really five years ...more

THE OBVIOUS GAME Giveaway updates

Congratulations Rachel Patrick for winning a copy of THE OBVIOUS GAME in my Rafflecopter giveaway! ...more

Happy Easter!

Results for my Rafflecopter giveaway should be available tomorrow. Thanks for playing the YA Scavenger Hunt! ...more

Una LaMarche Talks About 'Unabrow,' Her Favorite Condiment and DIY Jean Shorts

Una LaMarche has been known in my head as The Sassy Curmudgeon since 2006. Lady is hee-lair-ee-ous....more

So Now I Get to Be This Kind of Mother

Two years ago, I sold all my gold jewelry to buy my daughter an iPod Touch for her birthday. It was nicer than my first iPhone, but she wanted to say she had a phone, anyway, even though she admitted the Touch is shinier and faster and yes, better. It didn't matter: Semantics are what they are ....more

What Do You Mean, "WHAT'S A HAM BALL?"

All my life I've thought everyone had ham balls at Easter. That is, until this week, when I casually mentioned to my co-workers my need to pick up eight pounds of chopped ham so my husband could make his most-coveted holiday recipe for my extended family. This is odd? Other people don't know what ham balls are?...more
Corky47 I am sure crackers would work. There are about ten remaining hamballs in my fridge right ...more