I had some hard conversations at BlogHer '14 with white women who thought the women of color at Voices of the Year were exaggerating their feelings of otherness. It's true, world: White people still think people of color are making this stuff up. The events of this week in Ferguson, Missouri, once again magnify the truth: My friends of color are not exaggerating ....more

That Facebook Conversation

Last night I made my best friend meet me twenty miles closer to my house than she originally intended because on Saturday, I broke my ass. Okay, I don't know if I broke it, because I can't get in to my doctor until Thursday, but I fell backwards on tile and bounced, so let's just say it together: OW OW OW OW OW. Also, I really hate driving right now ....more

College Students Need All The Handy Stuff in This Gift Guide

College! It's time to go to college! Get ready to spend all the money at Target! But after you've gone crazy stocking up on matching comforters, shower caddies and collapsible laundry hampers, think about surprising your favorite student (or yourself) with some of these more original supplies....more

(POLL) How Do You Feel About Community School Supplies?

Over the next month, kids across the country will be headed back to school (and some are even there already, including my fourth-grader). With back-to-school comes back-to-school shopping: for clothes, for shoes and for school supplies. Unlike your kids' sneakers or shirts, crayons are sometimes put into a pile and shared—a practice known as "community school supplies"—and this practice has some parents really mad. ...more
I don't really mind supply sharing as much as I mind the lists I was given for my kids this ...more

5 Ways to Avoid Chub Rub When You Run and Race

Last year, I ran my first half-marathon. This summer, I started training for my next one in November. What does summer running bring on? Chub rub. OW OW OW OW. Whether you're training for a fall race or just trying to avoid the bra/skirt/underwear hell that is 95-degrees-and-humid, I've got some ideas to end your chub once and for all. ...more
I will definitely try the Body Glide. Thanks for this info. I love to wear skirts in the summer, ...more

When Talk Gets Cheap

When I was a kid, my uncles and aunts and my gran would call from far-away places and all action in the house would cease as we passed the phone from person to person, sometimes picking up a second extension that rendered the first person mouse-voiced for the remainder of the call. Time morphed from bulbous drops of homework hell to the fast lane where every minute cost thirty-five cents. We couldn't get enough of that long-distance ....more

On Intrusive Thoughts

When the little angel was a baby, we lived in This Old House. If you're new here, you may not know that This Old House was a beautiful Arts & Crafts with a screened-in porch in the Waldo neighborhood of Kansas City. It was built in 1921 ....more

Gone PhotoBlog: BlogHer 2014

Y'all, I am so tired. I got home around seven last night, dumped my stuff out of my suitcase and handed it to my husband, who left for his third week-long business trip of the month this morning. But I had a great time moderating the Getting Your (First) Great Book Deal panel and the leading the Grammar Clinic with the amazing Arnebya....more

15 Excellent Answers to "Why Do You Blog?"

"Why do you blog?" or "Why did you start blogging?" are often the first questions asked in any interview with a blogger. They're very different questions, though, aren't they? Whether you've been blogging for months or years, why you started and why you continue may be fundamentally different things. As part of our 10-year anniversary Selfiebration, I scoured the Internet to find out what drives us to keep pressing publish....more
marjo Me, too!more

Watching 'THIN'

I'm watching a documentary about eating disorder treatment called THIN. I think I understand better why so much in-patient treatment doesn't work. I don't see staff showing compassion ....more