The Sky

Today my daughter looked up and said, "Mama, no matter how fast we drive, we never reach that cloud. Do we all see the same sky?" And I said, "Yes. There's only one sun ....more

The Hunt for the Elusive Cabot

A month and a half ago, Beloved and I began merrily ripping apart the deck on the back of Chateau Travolta. It's a big deck, around the size of my first Kansas City apartment, and it had railings and a rickety pergola, as well. Since then, we've braved torrential rains and searing heat to tear the deck down to the joists and begin building it back ....more

Talking Capital, Confidence, Community and Capitols With Darla Beggs of NAWBO

Has your blog evolved into a small business? Would you like it to but don't know where to start? ...more
I love that you pointed out that it’s in everyone’s best interest for more women to come to the ...more

In the Moment

When I lived in Chicago, my grandparents died in very close proximity. Collapsed by grief on the airplane home for their funerals, I remember feeling, really feeling, the texture of the seat and being surprised by it. Being comforted by it, by doing just this one thing, feeling the material ....more

We Didn't Start the Fire

We sat behind a family at the Billy Joel concert. Mom, dad, older sister, her husband, younger sister, her bestie, son, girlfriend. The girls, at least, had clearly grown up listening to their parents' Billy Joel albums, because they kept getting each other's attention and doing dance moves choreographed sometime between size 6x and the juniors section ....more

Photos From Around the Web Illustrating Good Techniques

This week at BlogHer University, we asked you to take photos using some of Jenna's apps and Joy's DSLR techniques and tag them #NaBloPoMo. We'll keep building that base as we continue through the month of May....more

How to Get Rid of Your Muffin Top (for Cheap!)

So I have a secret to share: I've been working on my muffin top since December....more
Hi there, nice to meet others who are on a weight loss journey as well. I enjoyed your post ...more

A Lot of Thoughts on a Ton of Stuff

I haven't been here because I've been at BlogHer writing a ton lately about ... so many things. If you're so inclined .. ....more

How Jill Nystul's 'One Good Thing' Blog Became Her 'One Good Life' Memoir

Jill Nystul of One Good Thing By Jillee has a new book out today: ONE GOOD LIFE: My Tips, My Wisdom, My Story...more
Grace Hwang Lynch Thank you Grace! Yes! It was so fun to meet you too! What a great memory! :-)more