Pitching for Print: How to Approach a Magazine Editor

Do you dream of seeing your byline in the glossy pages of a magazine? While to some extent the tenets of pitching are universal, due to the nature of column inches and printing costs, magazines do have slightly different priorities. After writing for parenting and wedding magazines for several years, here are my top 10 tips for pitching magazine editors....more
This is incredibly useful information.  Magazines are the next big frontier for me.more

The Pitching & Querying Advice You've Been Waiting For

There are few things in writing as terrifying and humbling as pitching and querying. Doing these things feels like asking someone out on a date, but they don't have to. In February, we'll be talking about how to master these skills and get the feedback you need to put your best email forward when the time comes....more
Velvet S. We'll be doing lots of posts through the month. The Twitter chats are a bit of a ...more

Online ROI: What to Do When You Only Have So Many Hours to Spend Online

One of the first things you learn in the business world is the term "ROI," or "return on investment." In other words, how much benefit do you get from each individual action you take toward achieving your goals?...more
I agree with all of  this, Rita. I love this post, and how it guides. I found out these things, ...more

(CONTEST) Show Us Your Best Videos! The 'F' Word

You may recall an exciting new initiative SheKnows Media launched late last fall, #TheFWord. We're talking about what the word "feminism" means to you and our next step is a video contest! ...more

Yes, You Do Have to Balance Your Blog and Your Life: Here's How!

Hello, bright new January people! We're going to do all the things this year, right? Our blogs will be fulfilling and optimized, our families perfectly behaved and turned out and our careers on feminist fire. And we'll do it all at the same time. Or not....more

Why 2016 Should Be the Year You Start Playing Big

If you've never heard Tara Mohr speak at a BlogHer conference, you'll definitely want to check out her book, PLAYING BIG. I've been to fourteen BlogHer conferences and events, and Tara was definitely one of my favorite speakers. Her book? A must-read, in my opinion. Tara talked to BlogHer about her Playing Big mantra, her book (now in paperback) and her webinar for BlogHer. Read on!...more
Thank you for a well-spoken reminder that everything we need already exists inside of us. This ...more

Be Less Miserable This Holiday With These 5 Handy Substitutions

When I was a kid, I felt no stress: Christmas was my favorite time of year. The season started with shopping for a new dress to wear to church and to holiday functions. Next came the trifecta of pageantry: the church choir concert, the elementary school choir concert and then the church holiday play, which was followed by a cookie exchange and presents for the Sunday school teacher, the choir director and anyone else who guided my soul that year....more
Ha!  I LOVE this!!  Great article!more

How Sharing Others' Work Helps Your Brand

When you share content online, you're telling your audience something about yourself. This December, BlogHer University will focus on content curation – that is, choosing what to share and understanding how to share it to grow your own online brand. ...more
BlogHerEvents sorry but shouldn't that be "others' work?" Can't help myself #grammarmore

Talking to Twinsters Director (and VOTY!) Samantha Futerman About Directing, Kickstarter & Netflix

Samantha Futerman's story just keeps getting better....more
I just watched the documentary and blogged about it last week! Both so talented, incredible ...more

Yes, You Really Can Make a Difference in the Way People Eat

There is nothing more important to our existence than food and water, but how often do we take what we eat (and what is available to us to eat) for granted? ...more