The Next Story

I'm in the writing valley right now, shopping some projects to agents, wondering what will happen next. I've been in this place of a different sort of work for about a month now, grinding along, sending out queries, sticking my nose weekly into my color-coded Google doc of victory and rejection. I haven't been writing at all except very sporadically here and of course for my day job ....more

What It Takes to Reclaim Wood

When I was younger, there were several outbuildings alongside my parents' driveway. One of them was a corn crib for hogs that became where we stored my horse Cutter's hay and grain. One of them was a hog shed that became Cutter's barn and my tack room ....more

3 New Panty Options for Your Visiting Aunt Flo

Menstruating ladies, gather around. Do you have special underwear for Aunt Flo?...more
Haha I am definitely in favor of old granny pannies for Aunt Flo. I just bought a ton of new ...more

President Lincoln Is Not Dead

"He's in the forest. Behind my house." ...more

Please Stop Panicking About Ebola

Earlier this week, the Kansas City local news teased to a potential Ebola case in the metro. Oops, no, maybe it was typhoid. Everyone freaked out, anyway. It is as though there has never been a contagious disease outbreak in the history of humanity. Listen, we have to stop the madness....more
Thought provoking and true.   We all need to get a grip.more

The Agony of Blown Expectations

The text came at 7 am, but I didn't see it until right before my girl and my husband were about to leave....more

Remove the Chatter

Just watch it. You have time. You'll have a way better weekend if you do ....more

Charlie Cries for Help

We have had the hermit crab twins, Charlie and Sebastian, since the little angel turned two. Never in a million years did I think they would live so long. Guess what? ...more

Why Writers Should Watch 'The Voice'

Last spring, my husband traveled seven weeks in a row for business. My ten-year-old daughter and I bonded with him over The Voice. ...more
I'm agree with you.more

The End of The World As It Knows It

After I get above eight miles, my mind starts to wander....more