Life Lines: (Don't) look back in anger...,


Life Lines: Moms of the world unite!

Because it's time to stand up and be counted! And why do I say this?  Because, whether we like it or not, moms are the most down-trodden, under-rated ("Oh? You are only a stay at home mom?" said with a smirk and a pitying look in the eye!) work horse, load-carrying multi-armed machine put on this earth!Mom is put upon: "Mom! I need this project finished by tomorrow morning!" said with a wail at 10 pm at night....more

Life Lines: Great Expectations!

Those who are familiar with Charles Dicken’s works will know how that book ended. And in life as in fiction, expectations of any kind tend to vanish when self-interest comes to the fore.The nicest of people turn into monsters of selfishness when numero uno is threatened…I know I have always maintained that expectations of any sort is likely to end in tragedy. And there are philosophies and religions that maintain that detachment should be the mantra to live by…...more

Life Lines: Black & white and shades of grey.

Do people ask to be put up on pedestals? Do they want to be seen as being perfect and invincible and flawless, to be praised and looked up to whatever the circumstances?I don't think so. I think we put people up on pedestals because we need to look up to someone or something which will make us feel better about things, give us a symbol of perfection that we can depend on and will pull us out of whatever messes we have made of our lives.  A kind of haven for us to turn to, a shining beacon  that will guide us and help us...make us better people....more

Is anyone listening?

The TV talks to us. And at us...The iPods are plugged into our ears jumbling our brains with drum beats and guitar strings. The cell phones ring incessantly. Laptops and iPads  demand our attention. Traffic noises overwhelm us...voices shout and scream and  chatter 24/7. We talk all the time! Is anyone listening?What do we hear...actually? "You aren't listening to me!" is a refrain we hear all too often. Spouses say this to each other...children to parents and vice versa.  Colleagues and friends to each other...and citizens to their leaders......more