New Pope, New Church?

It’s not a secret that I struggle with being a member of the Catholic Church. I have a few problems with how they handle themselves and what they preach publicly, but the final tipping point came about a year ago and centered around marriage equality. You can read more about it here or here. I won’t bore you with the whole tale here....more

Making Peace with Food

It’s that time of year again-new year’s resolution time. I can’t scroll through a Facebook or Twitter feed without at least one comment about diets. Many of the comments involve people starving or sacrificing which always makes me sad....more

Jersey After Hurricane Sandy-Learning About My Home

I’m writing this morning from a warm apartment 200 miles away from my home. Our house is fine. We are the lucky ones. The winds were terrifying. They took down a power line and set a tree on fire outside our front door, but the moment of terror was just that, a moment. The rain that I feared flooding our very leaky house did not come. We were largely spared....more

She's Just Not That Into Me

I didn't date much. I was a serial monogamist as a teen (you know, long-term boyfriend---long stretch of me time---then serious BF). I got married at 24 to the guy I started dating at 20. When it comes to dating rules, I got nothin'.I thought I was in the clear until I became the new mommy in town. ...more