The "Paranormal" is the Life for me!

Okay so, I will be the first to admit that I don't blog often. I spend most of my time working continuously on new book ideas. I think one of the most common questions I'm asked when it comes to writing is why I choose to write paranormal romance. I often only have time to give simple answers, "It's magical!" or "It's a different way to look at life." The short answers are true. It is magical, and it is a different way to look at life. But, most importantly, it's a way to look at different challenges, to test the human spirit in ways "normal" life couldn't....more
 @isthisthemiddle Thank you so much, Melanie!!! I have an absolutely amazing editor!!!!;) I ...more

Getting Back in the Loop

What a week it has been! We have fought nasty sickness at my house lately. First my oldest came down with a cold she picked up at school, and it has spread like wildfire down the ranks. Hopefully, it ends with my husband and I who are both presently suffering it, but one never knows in a house full of little 'uns. It can always recycle itself.   But, on to more optimistic news. The local fair is in town! Whoo hoo! October is always an exciting time in Laurel. There's the fair, fall festivals and Halloween....more
I used to write fantasy and paranormal fiction, back when I still wrote fiction. There are no ...more

Nostalgic Middle of the Night Moments

  I started this blog from my android phone at 3 o clock in the morning which promises many errors and little lucidity. That said, I really don't have a subject that I want to expound on other than random thoughts.  It seemed more conducive to write rather than stare up at my pitch black bedroom ceiling....more
"What you considered trash, I considered genius." What a wonderful lady she must have been.more

My "Babblings" on Self-Publishing and Off-The-Wall Thoughts:)

  This was the view from my porch this morning. What a beautiful day it is already turning out to be....more
@RKryals@sbcwilliams0917 Now, see, that's proof life is not fair. Men get to wear those comfy ...more

Odd friends Overstepping Social Boundaries

This morning, as I drank my cup of coffee, I sent a text message out to my best friend, Audrey, inviting her to a coffee date at Starbucks on Friday morning. We're an odd pair, she and I. Having met a few years back, the two of us became fast friends. It seemed inevitable. We shared an undeniable love of books, we were both mothers, and we both shared an undeniable love of art. While I express my emotions through writing, she expresses hers through pictures. She is an amazing photographer....more
@isthisthemiddle Oh we have talked about it several times with Regina's ability to spin words. ...more

Book 1 Teaser and Book Trailer

Today, I endeavored to create a book trailer for my self-published book Redemption. This has been a practice in patience, and I'm afraid that I still may fall short of perfection. But creating this project was a lot of fun! The only thing I could not manage in the movie maker I have on my laptop was the audio that I really wanted as the background music. I had originally downloaded the song Monster by Paramour, but I could not get the file to convert.     Still, the self-publishing journey has been an interesting walk of life for me....more
What fun! Thanks for the teaser-- can't wait to see the trailer!more

Imagine, for a moment . . .

Today, I helped my sister-in-law work on a paper for her psychology class....more
This post is stuck in my mind. So many people I know are trying to find ways to help a loved one ...more

Dreams, Books, Popscicles, and Thunderstorms . . .Oh, my!

  Written early this morning   I'm having one of those "can't sleep" kinda nights so what better to do at 2:00 a.m. on a Mississippi morning than write? Why not?...more
LOL! Just saw this. I love that about your husband. Mine eats them without even being sick. I ...more