Wants and Needs

Right now in my life there are a lot of wants and needs. I am in the stage where I am having to figure out what is a want and a need. Chris and my self are in a place where we are trying to figure out where we are going in our marriage, what we want together and how to get there. We are perfectly happy with things the way they are but we want more and we want to grow our family. ...more

New Beginnings, Old Wounds

Since my nephew was killed, my life has changed completely. (I know your tired of me blogging about it, but oh well. If you don't want to read this post, I suggest you stop now.) Every day I think of him, not one day goes by that I don't. I do not go a single day with out my memory necklace on. When my niece is over she talks about him. I see his pictures every day. He is constantly in new articles being used as a gun statistic....more

Married at 23

I have seen a few post like this and it inspired me to write my own. Everyone has read the post online once or twice about why you shouldn't get married in your twenties or what you should do while you are young. Well I am happy that I got married at 23 years old. I am turning 27 this year and will be married 4 years in May. It was the best decision in my life so far and I will never regret. Is my life a fairy tale? No. Nobody has that. Our we perfect?...more

The Big P

Last night I had a crazy dream. I was the big P in my dream. PREGNANT. I know..crazy.  ...more

Country Couture

Hey everyone! Just a update! The store is up and running! I wanted to show you something we have in stock. I am loving everything we have and wish I could keep it all!! It is all very cute! ...more

Casey Mears Interview

Hey guys! I have my video feed from my interview with Nascar Driver Casey Mears. Now....if you do not know who he is...he is the driver of the Geico #13 car of Germain Racing....more

Puppy Love

The other day I saw a news article about 2 pitbulls that were abused and mutilated and left on the side of the road here in Virginia. One had to be put to sleep and the other was lucky enough to be saved....more

Emotion Overload

Last night was a emotional roller coaster for me. Normally I am a nice well balanced machine and I do just fine in maintaining all of my emotions. Last night I was watching TV and The Voice came on. Miranda Lambert (my girl crush) sang Over You with her husband Blake Shelton. It was a tribute for Oklahoma. I lost it. I just broke down crying. ...more
@rlbean this has been such a horrific week. I too got really emotional when watching The Voice ...more

Careless Driving

Normally I am not into posting something serious but this made me REALLY MAD today. ...more

Curvy Girl for Life

I have read some post lately of everyone trying to lost weight. This is no way going against what they are doing. This is me accepting who I am. ...more