Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith by Jon Krakauer - Review

Let me just start by saying that I loved this book. My friend redeemed herself after the last book she recommended ;) Now I introduce you to Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer....more

Death In the City of Light: The Serial Killer of Nazi-Occupied France by David King - Book Review

This next book is similar to Book #5 in that it is also a little on the dark side. For some reason I am drawn to that genre--it must be the psychology/criminal justice nerd in me! This book, Death in the City of Light: The Serial Killer of Nazi-Occupied Paris by David King, was a gift from my brother (who obviously knows me all too well) and it's been on my night stand since December!...more

Life of a LEO Wife

I have been thinking about writing this post for quite a while now but I never felt like I would be able to fully express everything I feel, know, etc. on the subject. Instead of putting it off, I will just go ahead and try to share what's on my heart....more