I just want to feel this pregnancy moment

25 weeks pregnant with baby number three.My husband's new truck came wit...more

Sickness takes over my vacation

The plague hit our house in January and I managed to avoid it. Somehow. But not this time.It all started New Year’s Eve when my three-year-old threw up. My five-year-old got it a few days later. That spawned into pink eye for the youngest, followed by my husband two days later and then my five-year-old. They each followed that up with a cold that lead to ear infections and strep throat. Through it all, I managed to stay healthy. That was until Friday....more
There's nothing worse than a house full of sick folks during a vacation. I feel for you.more

Third Pregnancy Woes: Apparently You Grow Faster?

You stretch faster the third time around. At least I did. This week I'm 17-ish weeks, maybe, I think. And tomorrow, for the first time this pregnancy, I will wear maternity clothes to work. Ugh. In my first two pregnancies, I didn't wear maternity clothes until 23 weeks, but there is no way I'll make it 6-ish more weeks in my regular clothes. I'm just too uncomfortable. And it's freaking me out....more
Not me. I carry teeny tiny for whatever reason. As a result, I have a mad case of "bump envy." ;)more

Oh Give Thanks...with a DIY table runner

I barely decorated for Halloween. We didn't even carve pumpkins. And we all know my youngest didn't even wear a costume (though that was her choice). I was determined to make Thanksgiving different. ...more

Six years of wedded bliss

Six years ago, we stood up before our family and friends and vowed to be together forever. Six years. It's by far the longest relationship I've had and while six years isn't that impressive, we have managed to impress me....more

Anniversary Celebration Goes Low-Key


Giveaway: Easy-Macro gives your phone camera a boost

Have you ever wished you could zoom in even closer with your camera phone? Do you want to capture those details on flowers, bugs or even a blade of grass? Easy-Macro helps with that. And I have TWO to give away....more

I Don't Feel Like a Good Mom

"You're a good mom." I've heard it many times. My mom, my husband, therapists, coworkers, friends, aunts, grandma -- even my in-laws have said it several times. "You're a good mom." They say it and all I think about are those times when I yell. Or the times I turn on a movie so that I can write post, browse Pinterest or just have a few minutes of peace while I make dinner. ...more
@Finding Rebecca good point. Instead of fighting about who has the best football player child or ...more

I forgot about the election-VOTE

Vote. That’s the only endorsement I have.For the last 3.5 years, the President has been fighting for reelection and the slew of republican candidates have been stumping to take his seat. For the last year, we have endured yard signs, endless commercials, debates and endless news stories about what the candidate and the president are doing to gain a nomination, endorsement or end the senseless requests from Donald Trump.I’m just ready for it to be over....more