I'm Not a Mommy Blogger

If you surveyed the entire community of people who have blogs similar to mine, I would be willing to bet that more than 75% of them are women with children, hereafter known as "Mommy Bloggers". Many of them are stay at home moms and a larger-than-the-national-average percentage home school. These women are a force to be reckoned with and that makes me a little nervous to post anything about them, but I have a few things I want to say....more

5 Important Questions the Noah Movie Raised

Last weekend, I managed to con/convince a few friends into going to see the Noah movie with me. I had heard reviews on every end of the spectrum about it, and I wanted to form my own opinion. I sat down, trying to keep my expectations low and to just enjoy the movie as entertainment, and I got something else entirely.The movie raised deep, theological, important questions inside of me so often that I wanted to be able to pause it and journal for a few minutes before moving on. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a notebook handy and the movie kept plugging along so quickly that I probably couldn’t have gotten a word written down without missing something else, anyway....more