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PVC in clothing

UPDATE: I returned the item, the cashier once I explained to her that the coat was cancerous barely wanted to touch it. She called over an asst. manager who said "We will look into it". Burlington coat factory emailed me back saying they would get in touch with the buying dept. US polo assn. hasn't responded to my complaint via email. I did however hear from and they are going to help me follow up on this. ...more

Toxic Toys

I have cross posted this on my blogBirdsword. I know a lot has been written on chemicals in toys these days. I thought I would add my two cents spurred on by an article in my local NY metro Parents paper. I was re-inspired to "go green" (or at least try...) Click here for Responsible Shopper Guide ...more

Pro-Choice and Proud!

Planned Parenthood is once again under attack. Not just in Aurora Illinois, but probably your local Planned Parenthood also. There is an organization that is picketing PP called "40 days for Life". They stand outside and hold up signs that say ridiculous things like "Abortion causes Breast Cancer" (unbelievable) Luckily at my local PP the clients don't really care. They are coming in for Pap tests, STI work ups and yes of course abortions. I think PP needs to know that you care, so if interested you can find a great banner on my blog site that states "this blogger supports PP and you can have the link post to your own local PP. Or use this link to get the code from a myspace site and change the html to reflect your own local PP. So all of you out there who are Pro-Choice and Proud-show your support around the blog. ...more

Thanks for supporting Planned Parenthood. We need all the support we can get!


Newly created blogging policy at work

Recently at my job (the company name shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons) a HR policy was issued regarding blogging. The basics are don't blog at work unless you let us know you blog. The less subtle and more "big brother" part was basically "if you blog about us and we find out and it is negative you will be fired, this include chat rooms, IM's etc" This sounds totally crazy to me. ...more

Real Life Real Talk/Sex Ed for Parents

For all parents who need help talking about sex to your children: Real life Real talk The above link should be very helpful. I have discovered that many parents don't really know how to talk to their kids about sex. This ogranization does not have an agenda. If you are into abstinence only they will help you with that also. ...more

That is terrific Denise! Thanks for commenting.

Working Moms National "Sick Out Day"

It is time for a revolution! I am done being pissed off about having to work like a dog in this country. I want OBAMA and Hillary to take note! Working moms need to get organized, we need to speak up and be heard. I think it is time to make a change in corporate america. We shouldn't be forced to work like dogs any longer. I want to work and have my family and not be forced into a live of wage slavery! Anyone else interested in this come visit my site. I am thinking it would be great if we had a working mom's national "Sick Out Day" Anyone interested? ...more

Thank you blogher!

I haven't been able to post in awhile as I have been back at work full-time after being laid off for a couple of months. I lost my job working as an NP in a high risk OB practice in NY/NJ. Now that I am back at work I find that I don't have time for my blog, other blogs or even blogger. With the kids, my mom, and of course spouse life has gotten hectic. ...more

Misogyny in missouri-A great post at A Womb of Her Own

This fabulous judge in missouri has decided to make it a condition of Mandy Nelsons probation not to get pregnant while she is on probation! Misogyny in Missouri ...more

Bush and a viewfinder- holey cow this is a FUNNY CARTOON

Steve Sack on Slate I know that it is sick or sad, but I can't help but laugh. Birdsword ...more

To each his own, I guess. The funny thing to me is that it was the first pageview I've given ...more