Life Lessons on Opening Day - Play Ball, Girls!

Every opening day, I remember this one big lesson from life.One day in 3rd grade, we got word that the next day the boys would be able to bring in their transistor radios.  What?!  Boys?  Could bring in their radios?!  ...more
#patriarchy, gah!    more

Thankful this week for the kindness of strangers

 Moms. Aging. Theirs and ours.It's been a week around here.  And I know you all know what that means.It wasn't a bad week, just a very busy one with a couple of bumps in the road.Both of our moms had some problems negotiating the world this week.  And in each case their travels were made a little lighter by the kindness of strangers. ...more

I'm starting to believe there are angels watching over me

I had a crazy week which included a couple of close calls. And even though things got pretty scary several times, things turned out OK. Actually, they turned out just fine. And now I enter the weekend feeling very thankful and somewhat relieved....more

Who's afraid of the FTC endorsement guidelines?

The FTC has completed its new guidelines for advertisers, guidelines which change the way it regulates endorsements.  The Guides, which have not been updated since 1980, are aimed at advertisers, but they will affect bloggers and other consumer endorsers in a way that has never been done before. ...more