Develop an End of Year Balance Plan

Time seems to be moving faster and faster. We fly through each day, week and now we are into the 10th month of the year. We have the tendency to ask ourselves, "Where did the time go?" Often then questions come to mind when we start to think about everything we have to do....more

New Year's Intentions

Wow, a New Year and a New Decade!!! What an exciting time.  Yesterday, I spent time going back through my calendar. I used this time to help me reflect and think about 2009.  There were aspects of 2009 that brought joy, sorrow, frustration, happiness, etc.  ...more

Shopping on Cyber Monday Can Save You Time and Money

Juggling your work and life responsibilities is something that you have to consciously work on everyday.  The holiday season can bring additional balls that we have to keep up in the air.  In addition to your day to day responsibilities, now you have to figure out when your are going to decorate, go shopping for the perfect gifts, mail your Christmas cards and attend holiday gatherings.  Shopping on Cyber Monday is one way you can check off some of your Christmas shopping on your list.  ...more

Where Did the Time Go?


Back to School Plans

August signifies that summer is coming to an end and it's time for the kids to go back to school.  Coming up a Back to School Plan is a great way to ensure that one feels a sense of balance during this busy time.  It also helps to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.  A little planning and preparation can make the transition from summer to school a pleasant one. ...more

Still Time for Summer Fun

There are still about 7 weeks of summer left before Labor Day. Soon the kids will be back in school. Until then, we still have plenty of time to enjoy some summer fun! There are plenty of ways to have a hot time the remainder of the summer. *If your schedule permits, there is still plenty of time for an extended vacation. If not, then how about taking a long fun-filled weekend? *Contact your local Parks & Recreation dept for some inexpensive events and fun activities for you and the whole family. *Check out local performing artist in your community. ...more

Running Late

Living a life out of balance can become a habit.  A life that lacks focus and direction will soon become unbalanced.  When this repeatedly happens this unbalance actually becomes the norm.  It can begin to feel comfortable.  One major area that tends to quickly become unbalanced is your daily schedule. ...more

What a wise friend. It is very disrespectful of everyone else's time when someone is ...more

Vacation Madness

So the kids are out of school and it's time to hit the road.  The summer marks the official start of the vacation season and it's time for fun.  One of my favorite vacation destinations is Disney World.  I absolutely love everything about the House of Mouse. ...more

Skipping Out on Fitness

Making time for physical activity is one of my weaknesses. When I have extremely busy periods in my life, physical activity seems to be one of the first things that I cut out of my schedule.  However, this approach is not healthy at all. I cut out my workouts when busy because I don't really like working out. But living a balanced life is not about balancing those aspects in life that I like. Having a balanced life means that I also embrace those aspects in my life that don't come naturally to me. ...more

It Is, What It Is

One important thing that women should come to terms with is that there are some things we just can't control. Being able to distinguish between what we can and can't control is important when striving for a life of balance.  When you understand this distinction and accept it then it keeps you from wasting time and energy. ...more