At what age can a child stay at a birthday party without a parent?

While talking with another parent from our local elementary school, an interesting topic came up. At what age is it OK to drop off your child at a birthday party alone? How long should a parent accompany their child at a party? Does it matter if the party is at home or at an outside establishment? Hmmm.. can't say I've given it much thought before, but now I'm intrigued. In the past, either I or my husband has stayed with our child at parties. My ten year old has gone to a couple of parties by himself. The one in particular I do remember was just ...more

Are Fairy Tales too Scary?

As bedtime draws near, the kids approach the bookshelf, peruse the many choices and finally settle on two stories for mom or dad to read to them. The routine is familiar, a comforting ritual that takes place every night as we put the kids to bed. Stories have ranged from quick, snappy board books, to chapter books, fairy tales and tales made up on the spot. ...more

Bloggers unite to help plane crash victims

I'm amazed by the love and community that's truly created through the blogosphere on many levels. I've seen it often. But it wasn't until last night that it really moved me. I happened to find out about Stephanie of Nie Nie Dialogues and the tragedy her family is now going through. ...more