A Feng Shui New Year

Running around in circles.  That may be the best way to describe the past month. Being on the other side of a holiday is often a HUGE relief. Yes we enjoyed the amazing food and Christmas candy....more

Workaholic? Fit YOU into 2011...

You know who you are!  You literally work your fingers to the bone and are currently reading this blog while you put stamps on envelopes, organize your purse and frost cookies.  I know...I'm there.  But the more I seem to take on, the more I feel out of control.  There has to be a stopping point when you just agree to take care of yourself.  I know the kids need cookies for school, presents need wrapped and the cat box needs cleaned,   What I have to tell you is delegate, schedule and enjoy.  Learn how to slow down, enjoy the holiday season and appreciate what's happening around you.  Here are 5 choices you can make in 2011 to ensure that you fit YOU into the New Year:...more

Robin Spooner

You're Welcome & other Simple ...more

Cubicle for the next 30 year or Risk it all to be an Entpreneur.....

If you had no limitations and no fear of failure, what would you do?  What if your dream career slapped you in the face?  Would you be ready for it?  Doing what it is that truly pulls at your heart and getting paid for it is nothing more than a "dream" for many.  What if that wasn't the case?  Having the POWER to follow your aspirations into a full-fledged career IS possible.  But, all is lost if you do not take action...... As I write, I think of the many times in my life when I was told "you can't do that" or "you'll never make it".   T...more

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Robin ...more

Business Owners: Do Your Employees Represent Your Brand?

Hiring the right people that fit your companies image is essential.  If you are in the business of making others look beautiful, but hire an employee who doesn't iron their clothes or polish their shoes, then maybe you've not made the best choice that represents your brand.  What is your brand and do your employees support your image? I own a coffee business and want my customers to walk-away or drive-away feeling better than when they arrived.  I want them to love the beverage we serve, but more importantly, for that individual to ...more

Risking it all to start a business and other habits of an entreprenuer....

Stricking out on your own and starting a business can be risky business.  Leaving behind the umbrella of security that comes with having a separate entity write your paycheck is scary!  So what is the driving force behind making such a move?  Why jump from the known to the unknown, jumping ship as you clinch a small life vest? To complicate the move, the statistics aren't on your side.  Statistics show that 8 ouf of 10 start-up businesses don't make it past year #3.  So, the question remains...wh...more

Do what you love. Love what you do...

Imagine going to work every day and being in-love with what you do!  You can't wait to get to work and start the day.  You're the kind of gal who wears a smile all the time,  you make fresh ground coffee twice a day and you bake cookies or bring in a savory snack on any occassion. You are not average.  In fact, you make up about 25% of the population in America.  Okay, it is good to have a job, especially in this economy, but why not be in that elusive group who LOVE their job.  Ever consider starting your own busin...more