Weight Loss Surgery Duodenal Switch

Robin's view Surprising news, My insurance approved my surgery. Bigger surpise its June 23, 14. YUP I have been running around for a week getting all the pre-op tests done, booked hotel for overnight stay and will be leaving for NYC Sunday. Its a complete whirlwind but I'm grateful in a way....more

Weight Loss Surgery and my worry about the opinions soon to come.

Robin's viewSO I have decided to have the Duodenal Switch surgery and I am still struggling to tell anyone about this. Why? I'm ashamed.I understand logically why I shouldn't be but we try to create an environment of support in our lives and this only seems like another reason people will judge us negatively....more
I had the lap-band surgery in 2009 and I can confirm surgery is not the "easy way out."  It is a ...more

Beating ED eating disorder

Robin's view Well I've been really working hard on battling ED. That devil of a smarmy evil and manipulative man in my head telling me to eat what I know I don't want.The latest tool that seems to be working. Self-talk, I have convinced myself that beating him with things like imagination is perfect. I invented a LYNUT its a donut with a LYE gray goop filling that donut and its horrible to look at too. ICK plus I'm able to drive by all the Dunkin Donuts and all the Mcds and stores I usually get crap from....more

Waiting for WLS Insurance approval or not?

Robin's viewI have finally finished all the mandatory requirements to receive Weight Loss Surgery. What happens next?...more

College Co-ed at 50

Robin's viewSo Summer Break,,, Hum what do typical Students do? Go home, get jobs, catch up with old friends and party but what do "we" non-traditional students do?So far I've aruged with my teen, complained about the lawn, bi***ed about my older kids who are selfish don't help out and don't care and catch up on housework. Life appears exactly as it is when I'm in school but what am I going to do with all this 'extra' time? Vacation, reading, day trips? ...more

College Co-ed at 50

Robin's viewToday was my last day at Community college. Now I'm nervous!!! Here we feel supported, like high school but a bit more work. Now I will go to Smith College and the gloves are off as they say. How will I perform in this intense academic competitive enviroment? Will I make friends? I'm very happy with all I've accomplished but what if its only marginally impressive and I'm bluffing my abilities? I know my heart is in the right place but can I do the work?...more

Eating Disorder Battle for Control

Robin's view I was speaking to a new friend lately about my journey to have Weight Loss Surgery and how I struggled with Binge Eating disorder. Why does everyone think they know the answers? ...more

Eating disorder central

Robin's view Well I am out of control. Its so stupid but knowing I have to lose 15 pds. to have surgery has pushed my button and now I'm sneak eating. WTF! I know it’s so horrible. I realize I'm not helping myself and that by doing this I'm making it more difficult to get help. It’s crazy and that's what Eating Disorders do. ED that sneaky bastard is whirling in my mind with his arms out telling all my neurons to fire I'm hungry. ...more

What should you be when you grow up?

Robin's view ...more

Losing weight is not easy!

 Robin's view So I've started the Mandatory diet period of my weight loss journey. It’s not as easy as it seems, thus why I need to have the DS surgery....more