First Day Home

It was a busy first day home. Dale and I weren't even up and about when we heard Rain kicking the ball around. So of course I ran out for pics! ...more

First Meal Back


He's Back!

After two years overseas, Rain has returned to the USA! He served as an LDS Missionary in Liberia for one year, then in Ghana for the second year. Missionary rules are state that he can only email us only once a week (typically on Mondays), and phone calls were allowed only on Christmas and Mother's Day....more

Deck Win

It's been a cool and cloudy day here, but not too cool for these kids to play chess on the deck....more

The Countdown - 3 Hours To Go!

Flags are out. Banner is up. Elder Makani Rain Price is on US soil! ...more

The Countdown - One Week Left

One week to go!! #RainCountdown ...more

The Countdown - Two Weeks Left

TWO. Two. two. 2 ....more

Our Summer Creation!

We Built This! I think that every married couple should build a deck together. It's galvanizing ....more

It's Father's Day! Have a Funny Day!

"What a dreadful thing it must be to have a dull father." -Mary Mapes Dodge Happy Father's Day! We celebrate with a few father stories from our family: ...more

Embarrassing in what language?

Whether you say "wave at the bus" in Portuguese: Japanese: There's a costumed dad story for you! ...more