Sew What!

I find myself with nothing to wear on a daily basis.  Why?… Because I get bored easily. I wear something a few times, then I’m over it, and another dress bites the dust.  When I finally got around to my spring closet cleaning, I realized that I could single-handedly take the dresses that didn’t make the cut, and turn them out....more

Return To Neverland

Bonjour Frock Stars.  Instead of doing my usual "One Item, Five Ways", I'm doing an entire week of DIY wardrobe updates.... So, I'm serving up DIY for five days.  I get really sick of my clothes and constantly think I have nothing to wear, but really, my closet's stuffed with a bajillion different things.  Instead of going shopping this weekend, I remixed the shizz out of my wardrobe.  It's fairly simple to make something old new again.  Since it's Monday, and I never want to be at werq (I don't want to grow up), I'm gettin my DIY on with Peter Pan collars....more

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

It’s five o’clock right here… All day long.  Here’s my top five of the week.1.  Johnny Weir on Kathy...more

Peek Out

Happy Friday Frock Stars!  Since Friday’s rock, I thought that I’d give you a sneak peek at what I’m werqin with next week.I’m going to show you how to turn a dull old dress like this…Into something new and fabulous, like this (not finished yet)…...more

I See The Fuchsia

Lately, I’ve been thinking pink.  I have a love hate relationship with pink… sometimes I love it, and then I get sick of it (and hate it for awhile).  Right now I want it everywhere, on my nails, my clothes, my lips, my shoes, and the list goes on.  I know this will come as a shock no one, but I ended up doing my spicing at Target again (sorry, it’s just so mother frocking convenient), and I found myself surrounded by fuchsia....more

Mary Mary

A lot of people get their holiday on with a Easter brunch, and what is brunch without the perfect frocktail?… boring is what it is.  Bloody Mary’s are my fave brunch frocktails, and it’s easy to flavor them to everyone’s liking.  Frocktails can be a big pain if you have to make them for all of your guests, so I always make each individual Bloody Mary the night before, and then pour them into a pitcher (so each sip has the perfect amount of everything in it).  You can make the Bloody look sickening with the right garnish, and an elegant rim job.  My recipe for each Bloody...more

Party Animal

Bonjour Frock Stars. I’m going to keep it short and sweet this week.  Basically, I love animal prints (of any kind).  I think that animal prints have the ability to be made appropriate for any occasion, and can flatter any body type.  However, I’m not talking about your typical prints (leopard, zebra, giraffe), I’m talkin silhouettes… Like birds, cats, horses, and doggies (especially pugs… they’re my fave).  Remember, everything I’ve found is $50 and under, so no matter what your budget is, you can still be fierce.  This spring, party like an animal hunty....more