How (Not) To Teach a Boy To Drive -- or Why I'll Never Be a Driving Instructor

When those hospital nurses place that baby in your arms and wheel you out to your car, they give you all kinds of health tips and safety checklists. They warn you about lead paint. They warn you about tummy sleeping. They even tell you to count how often he poops. What they do not tell you on all those checklists is that you might want to begin preparing yourself right now for the fact that you will someday teach that tiny little creature how to drive a car. ...more
I've been through a lot of things while raising these six kids and the hardest, scariest, most ...more

Discovery Health Features BlogHers' Birth Stories

Next week, June 14-19, is Baby Week at Discovery Health, home to nightly stories of remarkable births.  Shows such as Twins By Surprise, Little Parents Big Pregnancy, Births Beyond Belief, and Obese and Pregnant will air nightly at 8 pm Eastern/Pacific. ...more

But why not share? I love birth stories, and am planning to become a doula and, eventually, a ...more

Creative Ways To Find Sitters

Finding reliable babysitters has always been a tricky issue for parents, especially during tough economic times, when budgets are tight.  I've been a stay-at-home or work-at-home mom the whole time I've been a parent, so I've never had to look for regular, daily childcare.  But for finding occasional, hourly childcare help, I've had to get creative. ...more

When my kids were in preschool, some of their teachers did babysitting on the weekend, while ...more

Party Planning On a Dime

I have four children, which has been a lot of birthday parties to throw (and attend) over the last several years.  In the interest of keeping a reasonable budget, not to mention my sanity, I've had to come up with my own set of time-and-money-saving tips over the years. ...more

These are all great suggestions. I agree it pays to stay away from the elaborate parties at ...more

This Mom Loves Pacifiers (and Evidently, the Squirrels Do Too!)

This week Parenting Magazine offered up these photos of a "paci tree" in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Fifteen years ago, in my pre-baby days, I probably would've scoffed at those pictures--"Look at those overly indulgent and sentimental parents," Pre-Baby Me would've said.  It's amazing how much I knew about parenting before I had children. ...more

And now pediatricians are recommending them because a recent study showed fewer cases of SIDS in ...more

Room Cleaning: My Efforts At a Balanced Approach

Somewhere, at this very moment, my dad is laughing hysterically that I have been given an assignment to write about room cleaning.  Cosmic irony, and all that.  ...more

I gave my parents the exact same problems as a teen, my room was ...more

YouTubing With the Kids

I'll admit it; we're YouTube junkies in this family.  As I recall, it all started a few years ago when my husband thought it might be fun to show my Star-Wars-loving young sons the video to Weird Al Yankovich's spoof about Anakin Skywalker.  Then a friend showed my oldest son the ...more

Yes, my fault, I shouldn't have clicked on the peanut butter link...

Now I can't get it ...more

What (I Hope) I'm Teaching My Kids About Love

Often our extended family will vacation together: my own husband and kids, plus my parents, and sometimes my brother and his family.  But this summer, my parents went somewhere just the two of them. While they were gone, my brother and I worried about them.  What will they do?  Won't they get bored without their noisy brood of grandchildren to keep things interesting?  I felt so sorry for them.  ...more

bravo!  I love this post... so true! 


Valentine's Day: Getting Creative With the Kids

I'd say it's a good time to be a kid.  There seem to be endless clever and creative ideas available to parents for celebrating Valentine's Day.  I remember using store-bought Scooby Doo cards with my friends (because nothing breeds third-grade romance like a picture of Shaggy).  These days, however, the bar has been raised.  Here's a round-up of creative ideas for making this holiday special for your kids: ...more

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Kids' Room Decor: Finding Ideas Online

The subject of kids' room decor has been on my mind a lot lately.  For my oldest son's 11th birthday this past summer, we gave him a "new" room, redecorated to reflect his pre-teen sensibilities.  A dozen loose ends, though, have kept it an on-going project. Additionally, my two middle sons share a room, and it's a small one.  This means I'm constantly looking for decorating ideas that will make that room seem larger and more efficient. ...more

I like to change things too but find that paint is messy and takes awhile. Have you ever ...more