The Next Step For Mommy Bloggers ... Introducing

After Heather Armstrong, made her debut as the first mom blogger, websites and blogs created by moms began appearing from different parts of the world. Moms began writing to vent personal feelings, including those of frustration, loneliness, and sometimes even depression. Moms saw the relief and moments of peace when they can sit down with their thoughts and detail the events of their life to a possible world of readers who they may never meet, but would be interested in what they have to say....more

Mommies, Purses, Tiaras and Gettin’ Sexy!

I’ve been noticing a very interesting trend on my site recently. It’s becoming really clear what moms are interested in ... and I’m so intrigued by it, that I wanted to share it with you!I write a blog called the Mommy MindSpa and I post each day with different suggestions of fun things moms can do to help them focus on themselves. I call it the Daily Mom-ME Moment ... and in it I encourage moms to take time each day to do something for themselves - to always remember that they are moms, but they’re also a ME....more

Your Daily Mom-Me Moment for June 3, 2011 -> Have fun ... Hula Hooping?!

I learned recently that Hula Hooping is the newest exercize craze.  At first I was a little surprised to hear that.  Hula hooping is a game for kids to play.  But then as thought about it, it makes perfect sense.Hula hooping is amazing exercize!  It works all core muscles ... and requires great co-ordination.  So I can completely understand why so many ladies are rushing out and buying their own hula hoops, stocking up on hooping DVDs, and flocking to hooping classes....more

I absolutely love hooping! I even started a blog to cover my beginning hooping journey! I make ...more

Your Daily Mom-ME Moment for June 2, 2011 -->> Enjoy Your Ice Cream!

I scream you scream we all scream for ICE CREAM! Do you love ice cream as much as I do? I LOVE ice cream! But here’s the problem ... my kids love ice cream just as much as I do. So ... whenever we have ice cream, I serve them first (like a good mommy) and then I’ll sit and have 2 quick mouthfuls before they’re already for seconds. I get up and scoop out more for them. Then I’ll sit back down and try to inhale my ice cream before someone else needs something. Maybe they’ll drop their spoon on the floor or something....more

Your Daily Mom-ME Moment for June 1, 2011

How are your toes? Are they flip flop ready?Yesterday was by far the hottest day of year, and I’m embarrassed to say that I was totally not prepared for my flip flops!So ... today is pedicure day! What a great thing to do for our Mom-ME Moment today.If you can, go get a professional pedicure. Getting pampered like that is amazingly relaxing. And you deserve it!I’ve got my girls home with me today, so I’m going to pull out the big ‘ole nail polish bucket. You should see how their eyes light up when they see all the nail polish coming....more

Daily Mom-ME Moment #2 - May 31, 2011 - Garden!

Here's Your Daily Mom-ME Moment for May 31, 2011 - Got a green thumb? I sure don’t! But today’s Mom-ME Moment is to garden. Here’s why ...My husband is the gardener in our house. He works hard at it ... and our gardens looks fantastic! I, on the other hand, am a terrible gardener. “How bad can I be?” you may be asking yourself ...Well ... I’m known as the plant killer for a reason!...more

Your Daily Mom-ME Moment - First Edition! Yay!! :)

We, as moms, have the most important and wonderful job there is! We raise and nurture our children, we support our husbands, and we take care of our houses. It’s so easy to get lost in all that and forget about ourselves.The Mommy Mindspa is pleased to share a new series with all moms out in internet-land. It’s called ‘Your Daily Mom-ME Moment’ and I’m writing it in the hopes that you will want to pause for just a moment during your busy day to focus on you....more