Today Is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - Really?

Oh my God! There are so many things I want to say, share, vent, rant, shout... STOP! Breathe... Okay... Let's take it from the top. I arrived at work Friday night; picked up a bite to eat from the cafeteria; chatted with my colleagues (I really like that word. It makes me feel a lot more important than I actually am). After a little fellowshipping, I headed down the small corridor on the back side of the Emergency department toward the broken time clock. Well, it wasn't really broken. Badges were still being scanned. Time was still being recorded....more

Keeping My Qi Positive

Learning, growing, evolving...exploring all the possibilites for positive lifestyle changes is my thing....more

The One Lesson I Wish My Mom Had Never Taught Me

There are so many valuable lessons my mother taught me over the years. She had the patience of a saint and was compassionate to no end. My mother was my greatest champion, my best friend and my fiercest protector. Being  just like her was something I aspired to emulate for many years. She prided herself in teaching me right from wrong and all the other wonderful things a mother imprints into her child's precious psyche. The one thing she unknowingly passed down to me was the idea that it's okay for the man you love to physically abuse you....more

It's amazing. For years I was ashamed to even whisper my torment to my closest friends. Now ...more

Technorati Fave Your Favorites

You read hundreds of blogs a week. Some you enjoy tremendously. Others you pay a visit out of curiosity or necessity. Then there are a few you drop in on just out of common courtesy because they've visited you.Stop for a moment and try to remember the last time you faved one of your favorite blogs to Technorati. I know I'm guilty of not faving blogs I enjoy. And then I have the nerve to complain! Complain about what you're asking. Well I'll tell you exactly what I complain about....more

Many of us have been blogging for quite a while and easily forget how unfamiliar some of the ...more

Are Americans as shallow as it appears?

This whole thing is so bizarre to me. It's like being in a bad dream and not being able to wake up. Palin was virtually unknown outside of Alaska just ONE week ago. Now, she's more popular than Obama or McCain. What does that say about the mindset of voters in this country. I've heard people express how much they love her, her kids, even her parents...who've only been shown on TV once at the RNC and have never uttered a word (as far as an interview goes) So what is it about her that has endeared her to so many people. ...more

In the simplest way, which is usually how I like to look at things, it seems that McCain's ...more

Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner

It so frustrating to see just how fickle people are sometime. One minute we think we've found the perfect mate, candidate, house, etc. and the next minute for whatever the reason is we do a complete 360. In the news last week John Edwards finally came clean about his extramarital affair. The political pundits now want to say his career is over, if this had hit the press before the Iowa primary - Hillary would have won (thus changing the entire picture) and now folks are theorizing this latest scandal will further separate the already wobbly Democratic party.WHY??? ...more


Hi all! new to the site and eagerly anticipating meeting some really great and inspiring women. Look forward to much blogging. ...more