The Baby Market

I am a birth story junkie. I hang on every word when women share their story of how their child made  their entrance earth side. I feel it is empowering for women to not only share their stories but also, to listen to other's birth stories as well. No one has the same story. Not one single story I have heard, read, or watched has been exactly like mine. That's the way life is. No one is exactly like me or you....more

10 Ways Moms Are Like Doctor Who

I grew up watching the fourth Doctor zip in and out of time saving humanity with his faithful companion, K-9. That scarf! If only I knew how to knit, I think I would only knit those. I have been binge watching the new Doctor Who lately, and just as the 10th doctor said farewell, I had the revelation that I too am exactly like a Time Lord. In fact, all moms are Time Lords, only better! I give you… ...more
Thank You! People assume that parenting is a strict progression of cause and effect but actually ...more