Decorating for the holidays (inexpensively)

It is that time of year to start preparing for the holidays.  We have lists to make, meals to consider, cookies to bake, arrangements for visiting families, gifts to make, gifts to purchase, people to visit, events to attend, and finally get our homes in order via decorating and organizing.  Where do we begin? If you are like me, you will not feel ready to begin the craziness in the least until your home is decorated and organized first.  After knowing that is accomplished, I can start on the lists!...more

Are you ready for a FLOR update?

No, it's not spelled wrong!! It is a rug/carpet system named FOR.  It will give your room a whole new look without the permanency of carpet nails, glue, etc.  Easy to install and gives any room a unique updated look!  Check out their website: ...more

Bathrooms Pretty In Pink?? I don't think so!!

This is an article from The New York Times Today... ...more

Horrible Space redesigned! (After pics)

Here are the after pictures from that horrible space that had to be designed into a full kitchen...

Horrible Space!! You think yours is bad!?

If you think your space is/was ugly, check out my blogspot to see an ugly before picture of a kitchen space!  I am sure your space never looked like this... ...more

Make a small bathroom look larger!

Holidays are always a time when we look at our surroundings and wnat to "pretty" them up a little.  Almost all of us are on a tight budget these days and need some ideas that won't cost a bundle. Here are a few tips on making your bathroom appear a little larger.1. Trade a standard door for a sliding pocket door to gain additional floor space once reserved for the door swing. Bifold doors (doors that fold up like a screen) can also save space....more