Where in the world was I on September 11, 2001?

As vividly as the towers fell, I remember every detail of my time abroad on the day of September 11th, 2001. In the quiet of a computer lab in Canberra, Australia I sat staring at the screen waiting for my then boyfriend to log on so we could chat. I am not sure why I had kept a long distance relationship alive during my time in Australia (that might end up being a post someday never)....more
I love the way the short, choppy sentences of this narrative add to the mood of confusion and ...more

Down into the Dark

 Sitting, watching, dreaming as the sun goes down on what is left of the summer, I realize what's ahead. A doom washes over me. Cold. Snow. Ice. Scraping my car off in the morning is not my idea of fun. Driving around the block numerous times to find parking because the snow plow has piled snow in front of my house over and over and over again is a nightmare.Doom....more