Anarchy in the UK - what happens when the teachers go on strike?

No, it wasn't the return of punk rock: yesterday was Teachers Strike Day, perfectly timed for the end of March, when most parents have used up their holiday allowance until the end of the financial year.Groups of joyful children roamed the streets of the UK, looking for an adult-free house to spend the day in. This was like an unexpected snow day, with the added bonus that as there was no snow, parents could still go to work (and not only could go - they had to go)....more

Thought for International Women's Day

My Thought for International Women's DayAfter all, Gandhi said 'Be the Change You Want to See in the ...more

Teens vs Toddlers: So Different -- or Are They?

My daughter is sitting in the corner of the living room, pulling gruesome and bizarre faces into her iPad for selfies which she sends to her friends. (This is apparently called Snapchat.) I am being treated to this spectacle because I have protested about the amount of time she spends up in her room on the iPad, even banning it for several days so that I can have the pleasure of her company for a while. She is now clinging to her iPad, but making an effort to sit with us. ...more
". . .teenagers never embarrass you by having tantrums in public. . ."???more

Decorating Tips (Don't do it with your spouse)

Painting can be hilarious....more
Ha ha, that seems like a good idea! :)more

My Husband, Masterchef

My husband is completely in control of cooking in our house. He does not 'make tea' - he Cooks....more

Dear January

January, you have been cold, dark and dreary, but I expected that. I fought your darkness with the fire of my ambition - starting a million challenges at once (well, OK, three) - new job, 30 days without alcohol, and the 30 day blogging challenge: Zero to Hero....more

I am the Wicked Witch of the North

My daughter hates me, and I'm the worst parent in the world.(my husband isn't too keen on me either. Last night he said that I've been 'acting like a complete arse-hole all month'. 'Could you be a bit more specific?' I asked, after all I had just given him a detailed litany of everything he's done wrong for the last month; he wasn't giving me much to work with. There was no reply, he'd already stomped off to bed.)...more

Today You Are You

My quote of today:'Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no-one alive who is Youer than You.'...more

My Retro Journey

Can You Learn Parenting From a Book?

Blogs about motherhood tend to attract me, as motherhood is - well, it's the thing that makes me tick. It's the aspect of my life that I have mulled over (and over and over), more than anything else. Reading this post on 'Defining Motherhood' echoed some thoughts that I have had over the years....more