Our Project 52 Week 20: Framed

It’s Week TWENTY of Our Project 52 guys!!!! I’m so excited! Summer is coming and we can finally spend more time outdoors ....more

Motherhood Is

Motherhood is…amazing…. As the school year comes to a close, I am amazed that in a few days, I will officially have a first grader. I’ve been thinking about how nervous I was at the beginning of the year ....more

Saturdays ( A Photography Project) Week 10

What I think I love the most about my Saturday Project is that no two Saturdays are alike. There are common themes, especially since the weather is better and the pollen is gone. But each Saturday brings a new adventure in our lives that I don’t want to forget ....more


Taken with Canon 6D and Canon 35 mm 2.0 lens Settings: f/3.2 1/160 6400 I’m going to be transparent, and tell you guys that this photo is old. Taken last January as a matter of fact. It leads me to talk about something I always preach but evidently haven’t been following ....more

Saturdays ( A Photography Project) Week 9

Happy Mother’s Day! Week 9 of my...more

Our Project 52 Week 18: Black and White

Black and white photography is a favorite of mine. ...more

Nablopomo Day 5: Your Style…

I don’t know casual classic? I recently started getting a stitch fix box every month and I had a hard time deciding what my style was because I like a little bit of everything! But most of the time, you can find me in jeans and a cute top..or a maxi dress in the summer! ...more

The Strawberry Patch at Southern Belle Farm

Last weekend, we made what is becoming an annual trip to the Strawberry Patch at Southern Belle Farm. Since we moved on this side of town, it’s so easy to get to and we make a trip there Spring and Fall ( the pumpkin patch is AWESOME). I love the idea that Pookah can see that fruit grown can be eaten and he always loves to go off in search of the biggest strawberry he can find ....more


Today’s prompt is ” your energy” What….energy? It’s Monday and I’m up at 530 am…. Hense. ....more


It’s been a bright…bring…sunshiny day….. ...more