Everyday Eyecandy: 8 days Until Christmas…….

There are approximately 8 days until Christmas and I have shopped for no one. Even Santa isn’t finished…….. ...more

The Lovely Everyday: iPhone style…

Me and the 6D last week…not so much! Me and the iPhone….Yes! ...more

Take Beautiful Christmas Tree Photos With 3 Easy Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….. So by now, you’ve got your christmas tree up and you’ve been itching to get your camera out to take beautiful Christmas tree photos . ...more

Holiday Photo Checklist

This time of year is so hectic! We want so much to preserve our memories of our family and friends and little ones! But if you are anything like me, the little things are easy to forget ....more

A Little Macro Photography…..

I really think that my macro lens has been my best photography investment. I’ve talked before about how I use macro photography as therapy. Because when nothing else seems to go right and I can’t control anything, I can turn to my lens and my camera and some pretty flowers and just…..breathe…… ...more

The Lovely Everyday: Oh Christmas Tree…….

Our Christmas Tree went up this weekend. Every year, I love trying to get photos of Pookah decorating the christmas tree. It’s so much easier now that’s he’s older and wants to help ....more

How to Photograph Christmas Light Bokeh with Your iPhone

Ahhhh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! By now your tree may be up, or you are planning for it to be up and you are ready to share photos of your Christmas tree all over social media. Some of the best photos out there are photos of blurred Christmas lights or rather…Christmas […] The post How to Photograph Christmas Light Bokeh with Your iPhone appeared first on Everyday Eyecandy ....more


Yesterday. ...more

Everyday Eyecandy: So Precious

So….yes, my ovaries twitch when I hold this wee one. Yes, they scream when Pookah wants to and does hold and cuddle with his baby cousin. But moving on…… The post Everyday Eyecandy: So Precious appeared first on Everyday Eyecandy ....more

The Lovely Everyday: Birthday Number 5

You know, sometimes, I really get caught up in taking the perfect photo. especially if I have my Canon 6D...more