Everyday Eyecandy: Friends

I remember a time when all of my friends were kid free. And I remember when each and every last one of these kids were born. I was there for some, got text messages announcing the arrival of others ....more

The Lovely Everyday Week 4: iPhoneography Style

OK confession: I suck! LOL No really, me and my Canon did not see each other until Saturday when I shot a birthday party for a friend. BUT my iPhone 365 is going SO STRONG! ...more


It’s time for the September...more

4 Tips For Lifestyle Photography

Wikipedia defines Lifestyle Photography as: “A...more

Everyday Eyecandy: What had happened was….

So the conversation went like this: Me:”So why did you get a straight face on your contract today at school?” Pookah: “Because I was talking.” Me: “And why were you talking while you were supposed to be quiet?” Pookah: “Well Mama, there’s this girl……” ...more

The Lovely Everyday Week 3

This week was long and I was sick( as you know) but I did manage to get in a photo or two or three a day. ...more

Random Thoughts on a Monday

I had a busy weekend and I’ve got tons of little things that don’t make up a whole post on my mind so…. ...more

Motherhood Is….

I’m excited to be a part of a new blog circle with a group of wonderful Photographers who also happen to be moms. Each month, our theme is Motherhood is…. So join us each month as each of us interprets what motherhood has meant to us that month ....more

Letters To Our Sons: September

Dear Pookah, It’s been a month since the start of Kindergarten. And this weekend, since you and I were alone together, I decided to take you out on a date so we could talk about it. And boy did you talk! ...more

Macro Photography 101

Macro Photography is my passion in photography. It is the one genre of photography that I am drawn to more than anything else. You might say it’s my niche ....more