Why Is It OK to Blast Religion Via TV & Facebook

I have always been interested in true crime and investigative stories, and was happy to see that ID had been added to the local channel lineup.  However, ID has quickly proven through its treatment of their Deadly Devotion series that they really don't 'investigate' at all, and their 'research' is biased for the sake of drama.  They use only whatever shallow information and whichever biased interviewees will give them the most venom.  And some of the scenes are literally staged for drama the way someone would stage a play in a dark theater.  How silly. ...more

Ageism is Alive and Well at the Office

This won't be grammatically perfect, nor will it be typo-free.  I've been there, done that, all week, all month, all year, for nearly five years at my workplace, and it's Friday evening and I'm tired.  in fact it was 5:20 this evening when I first started to think about  how cubicles had been emptying quietly since 4 PM and as I delivered documents to a few empty cublicles I heard the twenty- and thirty-somethings making plans for an impromptu evening together for themselves and their significant others, wine and dinner somewhere....more

Packing to Find Your Freedom in Divorce? Read This First

Jeana, I am so very sorry that you experienced this.  I feel like barfing.  I can't believe all ...more