Holiday Open House at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf benefits The Help Group 11/6/14 2-6pm

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is continuing its long-standing support of The Help Group with this year's Holiday Open House. Today, November 6, 2014 from 2pm to 6pm special small drinks in 3 holiday flavors will be sold for only $1 and all gross proceeds will benefit The Help Group. Read more here....more

Teal is the new orange for kids with food allergies this Halloween

The Teal Pumpkin Project from Food Allergies Research and Education (FARE) hopes to spread awareness as well as help give kids with food allergies a safe and fun Halloween.  Teal pumpkins are being displayed at houses and locations where allergen-free and candy alternative treats are available. To read more, click here....more

Frozen 2-D on Saturday, December 7, 2013 is the Sensory Friendly Film at AMC

What are you doing on Saturday, December 7, 2013? If you have a special needs child you may have heard of the great program from AMC Theaters and The Autism Society. If you haven't heard about it read more at my Los Angeles Special Needs Kids Examiner article. Watch the preview of this month's movie while you're there!...more

Gift ideas for special needs kids

As a special needs mom I was in a unique position when I applied to be a Brain Coach at Marbles: The Brain Store. I had seen neuroplasticity in action as my child's therapists reprogrammed and remapped her brain.  The idea of games and toys that help the brain is so crucial to getting kids on board because it makes it fun! The social aspects of sitting down and playing a game together is also crucial to all kids - in fact , all humans!...more

Free Birds Sensory Friendly Screening November 9, 2013

It can be a challenge for families with a special needs family member to find outings they can do together. AMC's Sensory Friendly Films is a monthly first-fun family film in a special environment that makes it possible for individuals with autism, sensory proceesing disorders or other special needs to feel comfortable....more

Technology frames for special needs kids

The first week I had my smartphone my special needs child tackled me and the screen cracked. More and more special needs kids rely on IPads , IPod minis and other devices to communicate but these items are very fragile - and the standard protective cases are sometimes not enough. Two lines of foam cases can help special needs kids prolong the lives of their beloved tech gadgets - Big Grips and KidBox.Read more here....more

How do you react when you hear new research about your special needs kid's condition?

How do you react when you read or hear new research about your special needs child's condition?  It's easy to overreact and get carried away. Just last week people were saying that researchers had "cured" Downs Syndrome, but really that is now at all what the study was proclaiming.Here are 3 things to keep in mind when new information or treatment options are announced....more

Special Olympics state team finals in Michigan this weekend

Despite having a serious medical condition, Ryan Groves competes in track and field with Special Olympics. He and his parents also raise funds for the TS Alliance, an advocacy and resource group for families affected by Tuberous Sclerosis.Read more and watch a video interview here....more

Early signs of autism featured in new PSA

The latest public service announcement campaign by Autism Speaks targets parents and caregivers in Hispanic and African American communities. Children in these communities are usually diagnosed at a later age than the USA average and may miss out on crucial early intervention services and therapies.Early signs of autism may include:...more

Keeping kids who tend to wander safe

Statistics show that kids with autism are much more likely to wander away from safe situations.  Many times these kids encounter danger or become victims of accidents. Some simple preventive strategies can help keep these kids safe.Read more here....more