From Large to Little: My Tiny House Saga

It was a cold, windy New Years evening. Logan and I were wrapped up in the covers; he was surfing the internet and I was reading a book. It was a perfect and cozy night to be at home.Suddenly, Logan looked over at me and said: "Tammy, you've got to see this!"...more
I love this! My hubby & I have been dreaming of living in a tiny home ever since we first saw ...more

The Art of Traveling Lightly

[Editor's note: Packed two full suitcases for BlogHer '11? Stop stressing out about luggage fees and start streamlining -- for lighter, greener, freer travel -- with these tips from simple living blogger Tammy Strobel of RowdyKittens. - Siel]  Five years ago, I was a one of “those travelers.” You know who I’m talking about, the person at the airport who is juggling large bags stuffed to the max and has to shove their giant carry-on suitcase into the overhead compartment....more
I am the queen of the carry on, and sometimes even manage to share one with my husbandmore