Washing away the smell of seizures

I should have known I was getting into trouble.  Stress and interrupted sleep are my triggers and I am dealing with both, so you'd think I'd be smart enough to prepare for this sort of thing; it's not new to me.  It makes me mad that I let it sneak up on me every time,  and then it makes me mad that I'm feeling that way in the first place.  Doesn't make for very good company. ...more

Not use my dryer? You've got to be kidding!

Good Morning! Don't you just love it when your family does half of your job for you?...more

A Poem

I wasn't going to blog,   Feeling quite down and in a fog.   Leave it to a hen,   To make me smile again.   I found my first egg today,   Laying there in a bed of hay.   ...more

It made me smile - and almost wish I had chickens.

~Denise BlogHer Community Manager ...more

Happy Election Day

Good Morning! I just got finished filling out my ballot, which spurred me to write this post, instead of running my pumpkin recycling ideas, but I can do that tomorrow... Today is election day. Although there are only two issues on our small town ballot, they are important ones; new elections for the school board, and a measure for our emergency response system. But, it doesn't really matter if there are only two, or twenty ballot measures, election day is a way to get your voice heard, and support our great country.   ...more

Making Lemonade from Lemons, a Look at Epilepsy

I would not be a very good author if I didn't face a few of my own fears and slay some of my own dragons. Today is going to be one of my most difficult blogs to write, but it is one that I feel needs to be written. You see, the day before I turned 30 I was diagnosed with epilepsy.   ...more