I FINALLY did something off of my Pinterest board.

I am in love with Pinterest and everything about it.  I add new stuff to my "boards" every single day almost.  Sad thing is, I rarely have time to do any of the stuff I "pin".  I finally just bit the bullet and made time for one DIY item on my board.  I added to Kyra's room and I am so glad I did! Read more about what I did and how I did it here....more
That is awesome. You need a pinterest board to pin the stuff you've done from the pinterest ...more

Modern Family

We've recently begun a study on "Modern Parenting" in our church.  I touch a little on what it means to be a "Modern Wife" in todays secular world.  Read about it here......more

Best family Christmas picture EVER.

Inspired by the wonderful "stache's" at BlogHer '11 our family did a family Christmas picture...you've got to see it....more

It's getting easier.

We are beginning to get adjusted to our new normal and slowly but surely it's getting easier......more

Our charge as parents.

Recently we've started teaching Teagan Bible verses. Read about why and how here....more

Amazed by God's timing

Admitting to PPD and realizing how perfect God's timing is. Read about it on Teagan Tales. http://andbabysproutmakesthree.blogspot.com/2012/01/its-getting-easier.html...more

Just going through the motions.

Have you struggled with baby blues or postpartum depression?  I did with my first and unfortunately it caught up with me with baby number two.  Come share your story and read about mine. ...more


Recently before flying out to San Diego for BlogHer '11 I had a dream...a dream that would have rocked my world and made me not get on the plane a few years ago...You can read all about it here.  ...more

Easy Baked Ziti!

I came across a really easy Baked Ziti recipie the other day, tried it and everybody who ate it was a fan! Even my husband who I lovingly call my toughest food critic! Also, if you're worried the kids won't eat it my 14mth old devoured it! Read all about it on Teagan Tales!!...more

Lullabies for Getty (Help find a cure for SMA)

Today is a big day in the world of SMA research fundraising.  An amazing album, Sweetwater Child--lullabies for Getty, by the Damnwells, dropped today.  The proceeds are going to the Getty Owl Foundation.  This foundation, started by the parents of sweet Getty Owl, raises money to go to the research for a cure of SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy).  Please go read more about this foundation and this album in a recent blog post I was honored to write ...more