The World Ends in 2012 -- When I Lose My Dream Job of Mom

In 1980, I became a Mom. What I didn't know then is that 2012, according to Mayan calendar, is the year of "the end of the world." December 21st, to be exact. Despite theories to the contrary, I know they got the year right. they were just off by about 6 months. You see, no matter what the scientists, the alarmists, the globalists, the economists or theologists say about probabilities and likelihoods of cosmic mass destruction, I know that the world, as I know it, will end in June. My baby girl graduates from high school on June 4th, 2012....more
I started counting the years I had left with my children when they went to kindergarten. It all ...more

What I Didn't Know Then: How to See What You Did Right

Oh so much.  For example, how to blog.   And,  that is just where this blog will have to begin.   Like so many women ,  when you reach a certain age you realize just how much you didn’t know ‘then’.   Of course your then and my then will likely be very different .   After all,  each of us is a completely unique amalgamation of our own very unique experiences,  successes, failures, hopes and fears.  Or are we?    I hope you’ll join me he...more