We Heart Buttons!

I can’t believe it was three years ago that we first made these awesome button Valentine hearts to decorate our home for Valentine’s Day. ...more

Sick Day Snuggles

January came in and kicked all of...more

Bathtub Black & Whites

Oh, I do so love my...more

We Can Dig It

Jax and Em got some really cool gifts for Christmas this year, but one that I was pretty excited about myself were little chunks of “earth” that they had to excavate to discover a full dinosaur skeleton inside! ...more


Finally, Little H’s mullet has enough party in the front for a sort of ponytail. ...more

Good Clean Fun!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after years of admiring Waldorf education, it’s that sometimes the simplest tasks are the most fulfilling for young kids, especially ones that emulate their parents’ daily routines. ...more

Farewell 2014 Photo Dump

It’s time to say goodbye to all of these delightful little moments that clutter up my phone from 2014: Jax mastering his fine motor skills with Legos, chess, and starting to love the funny pages, Em and all her girlie glory, and Little H who is not far from turning two and she is letting us know she is growing up! ...more

Christmas Collage

What more is there to say about Christmas that can’t be conveyed in photographs? ...more

Our Lives Between The Lens

Sometimes when I’m hanging out with my kids, the mom side of my brain is present and having a conversation with them, but the photographer side is yelling,...more

On Her Own Terms

As I have documented, Little H has yet to really embrace snow this winter. ...more