A Momentous Day

Thank God I just spent seven glorious days with my family in Maine, unplugging and listening and playing and observing, because today is the day of something new, as well as the end of something remarkably precious. For the past eight years, two months and approximately two weeks of my life, my day’s work revolved around the raising and cherishing of three amazing little people that God deemed me worthy of creating. ...more

A Summer Story of Strawberry Sisters

Summer’s almost over? What? I agree, Hannah ....more

A 4th To Remember

A little late commemorating the 4th, as always, but these smiles are too sweet to just forget. ...more


My Emmy is the bravest, silliest, sweetest, most wonderful girl I know. ...more

Who Has Time For The Big Camera Anyway?

This summer is absolutely...more

Family Love

What started out as...more

Jumping For Joy! The Way Life Should Be!

Boy, do our kids love Maine! ...more

Small and Special

Our life is so full of transition right now–transitioning to our summer routine, later bedtimes, less structure, more spontaneity–that picking up my camera has become a bit of an afterthought. ...more

Game On!

Here it is, for those of you keeping the book. ...more

The Last Day

Today marks the end to a very cherished period of my life, the value of which I will...more