On The Clock

Monday afternoons are a testament to this busy mom’s ability to juggle schedules and various after-school personalities, as we begin our foray into dragging siblings along to one child’s extracurricular activity without the other two losing their damn minds. ...more

A Small Snowy Excursion

Little H and I took a walk to the end of our road...more

Ho-Hum Housekeeping & A Cell Phone Dump

January is creeping to an end and as I consider if I have anything blog-worthy to share, I get a mental shrug in reply. ...more

School Is In Session

We had a four day weekend last week, but that didn’t stop my kids from declaring school in session! It started with Jax experimenting with baking soda and vinegar while I was still in my pajamas and eating my breakfast. ...more

A Tale of Two Sisters

Once upon a time there was a very little girl wanted so much to be like her big sister. ...more

Artists’ Perspectives

I so love an opportunity to let my kids engage in art, and one of my favorite spots to get elbow-deep is the local AVA Gallery. We’ve been to their children’s open studio many times, but it never fails to thrill my artistic (photographic) sensibilities–with its lovely light and pops of color–and my kids’ inner artists. ...more

Thank You & 15 Moments of Parenting Shame

Five years ago today, Rub Some Dirt On It came into existence as it is now known, for consumption outside of my family circle. It’s been an amazing learning curve, a wonderfully supportive community, a platform...more

Two Takes On The First Snow

The week after Christmas, we...more

Christmas At Home

For the first time ever, since JDubbs and I...more

2015: A Photographic Journey

A year ago I owned who I am as a photographer, and stopped worrying about copying photographers I admire, or trying to accomplish images beyond my ability or desire as an artist. ...more