Cousins Rock Vermont, Take 3!

Right off the heels of my 4th of July post, when I reflected on what a wonderful time we had with family over that holiday weekend, I must continue to share what happened directly afterward: my niece and nephew, Erika and Christian, stayed with us for the rest of the week! ...more

4th of July Favorites

I never have much to say about spending the...more

The Joy Of Capturing Family At Home

One of this nicest parts of lifestyle photography is when a family opens their home to me and I have a chance to capture them in their own setting, amid the places and things that they love. ...more


What is normal? ...more


Having sets of grandparents both...more

Camping With Kids, Take One

For Father’s Day this year, JDubbs decided he wanted to break with tradition and instead of spending the weekend at home with his family, he wanted to take our little party of five on an entirely new adventure and start a tradition of our own: he wanted to take the kids camping. ...more


The last day of school for my kids was a pretty monumental occasion: the last time Em would be home with me in the morning on the school day, the last day Jax would be a kindergartener. ...more

Birthday Girls

My ladies and I started my birthday off with a little morning hike. ...more

I Want To Remember…

I want to remember how she asks for Band-Aids pretty much every day. ...more

Em’s First Dance Performance

I was asked if I wouldn’t mind to take some photos at the Lebanon Ballet School’s final...more