Such A Fun Family Photo Shoot

Remember how yesterday I was talking about gratitude and love? ...more

Love & Gratitude

When life gets a little tumultuous,...more

There’s Something Happening Here

Woke up this morning to the dawn...more

Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

On the way down to my parents’ in Massachusetts one weekend in July, we made a very special pit stop. ...more

Sunny Cell Phone Photos

We’re still on vacation in Maine, but these cell phone photos are too fun to miss! ...more

Knee Deep In The Water Somewhere

We’re spending the week in a little house in Maine! ...more

Taking Flight

Every summer we seem to head...more

A Day With Baby D

How lucky am I, that I get to spend days with brand new babies like beautiful little Baby D? Actually, spending time with his whole family was a pleasure! ...more

Joy Of Summer

Summers are meant to be joyful and sun-tanned, with Popsicle juice dripping down your chin. Staying cool in kiddie pools and the contrast between a hot, hot day and frigid water right out of the hose. When kids can be kids, who are struggling between wanting to be big and growing up while...more

A Dirty Diptych

A diptych can be defined as a single work made up of two matching parts, used to put two corresponding or polar opposite images side-by-side to tell a story or contrast ideas. ...more