In their guest bedroom, my in-laws...more


I knew where I wanted them to sit. I thought I knew from which angle I was going to shoot. I gave them two of my necklaces to keep them occupied but then suddenly, watching the two of them interact, all my plans when out the window ....more

15 Literacy Activities To Create Reading Rockstars

My kids are reading rockstars. ...more

Snow Over It

Some days, life in Vermont is picturesque, straight out of a wintery children’s picture book. ...more

Boyhood In Black & White

I’m pretty sure I have photos like this of Jax since before he was one; nimble fingers diligently working to create the expansive world tucked inside his imagination. It’s been a while since he was fully engaged with our train set (which was his 15-year-old cousin’s before him). ...more

Everyone Loves To Be Loved

Every year we make the kids a Curtain of Love...more

Date Night

The night before Valentine’s Day, JDubbs and I each had a big date planned. ...more

Em’s Future Status Update

So I was getting ready for the dance… …and Little H said I could borrow some of her jewelry. The guys had just “gotten out of the hot tub,” and when they were ready...more

Walking On Water

Last month JDubbs and I took the kids out to the local ice fishing derby in the middle of a snow squall because 1) I had to write about it for the local newspaper, but more importantly 2) it was...more

Coffee Filter Snowflakes & Snowmen

As if we don’t have enough snow around here, the kids wanted to add some more, just for fun! ...more