Is It "Mid-Winter" Yet?

Written by Ruby A. Iadeluca I've just visited Facebook and every other post is about the weather, the massive amount of snow, the Polar Vortex, windchills, the slams on the South for closing at the least bit of ice or snow... I am so done with this weather. In particular, I'm done with    *White, whiteness, the color white...more

Shopping Alone

I have a confession. I don't like being alone. Well I do. I totally love being alone - and left alone. Nearly all of the time.But, doing certain things alone is really nerve-wracking for me. Okay, really only one thing freaks me out. Shopping....more

The Wringer

Is that how you spell it? Wringer. I believe so, as I am talking about the type of wringer that I picture in my head as the very old-fashioned type of wringer that literally presses the water out of your clothes after you wash and rinse them. When I was a young girl, my sister and I would spend the summers with our great-grandparents and they had this type of set-up in their basement. I used to think it was the coolest set-up imaginable.Laundry was definitely a "hands-on" experience.......more

The Sensationalization of Teen Pregnancy

I wasn't sure if I really wanted to write about this controversial subject. After all, it could happen to anyone, right? Wrong! I am not one of those parents who will let their kids run wild with the laid-back, "cool parent" attitude of "kids will be kids". Key word here is "kids". Second key word being "parents". Q: Why do "kids" have "parents"?A: To keep them from harm and help them make moral decisions. ...more

Forever 17

I had to read your post twice just to make sure I read it right. It is ...more

Electric Strawberry

So.... did I mention that I'm really close to the edge tonight? I am. I don't want your pity - I guess this is more of a countdown. How many more questions I can take, how much more family flatulence at dinner time is necessary before I finally call the Funny Farm Wagon? I do suppose it would  be quieter there....more

Bread Pudding and House Elves

Had I known that bread pudding was really this easy to make, believe me, I would have made this a looong time ago! Check my Recipes tab for this super-easy, warm-cozy, make-by-yourself-and-enjoy-by-yourself bread pudding. I've just showered. It's my bed time. The kids are on Spring Break and enjoying their friends and movie time so the house is peaceful. I can actually hear the kitchen clock ticking. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!...more

Algorithms Misfiring

Cultural Dictionary algorithm  [( al -guh-rith-uhm)] A ...more

All the Single Ladies (Who are Mothers)...

So lately it's been a little hectic around here. As you know we have four children and for the past two weeks I have been husbandless. Nothing tragic has happened. He's just off traveling for work. At first, it was like a mini vacation. Pajamas 'til noon. Romantic comedies. Bagels with strawberry creamcheese for breakfast. (And the bathroom sink has stayed surprisingly clean.) But now, it's back to the daily grind, with a little extra to grind. It's now 6:45 p.m. and I have actually just gotten home for the evening and dinner is warming in the oven....more

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

So I have found myself in yet another funk. I know that there are a lot of things that I want to do: take some college classes, start another blog with a different focus, thoroughly go through the house and clean out all of the stuff/junk that we no longer use, write... The list goes on a bit longer, but I am certain you're tired of hearing about my unfulfilled aspirations. This is probably because you yourself have the same list. Now, this isn't a bucket list. I don't plan on kicking the bucket for a very long time....more

Mother's Are Always Right!

Concentration: Consolidation of Effort Congregation (of what? in this case, brainpower) Focus: concentrate, spotlight, pinpoint My train of thought has not yet come to the Concentration Station. It left a few years ago on a track of Disorganization. Shush Don't Run Turn it Down These are my quotations, As I issue citations. Otherwise known as grounding, The kids all look confounded.   "But why? What did I do?" Gee, I don't know....more