Gone Fishing

I’m finishing up the third of four technique books this week, then giving myself an end-of-summer break. I’ll...more

Friday Cocktail Hour: The Diamondback

One final cocktail using applejack, simply from a couple of web searches. This is my final post until after Labor Day, so I wanted a cocktail that packed a wallop. With three high-proof spirits, the Diamondback...more

Tom’s Foolery

Thomas Herbruck’s father came home with a still when Tom was 15;...more

Friday Cocktail Hour: Applejack Sour

Earlier this summer, I met a friend out in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. (Could a novelist invent a more unlikely name for a town?) It’s semi-rural and on the edge of rural, a quaint...more

A Fine Summer Pickle

The rhubarb and spruce tip pickles in the photo above (and post below) by...more

Friday Cocktail Hour: The Gin & Tonic

Last night, Donna and I sat out on the front porch and we had a gin and tonic. It was perfect. The air was perfect ....more

How to Help Small Farmers:A Farmer’s Words

I can’t remember how I stumbled on Kasha Bialas’s blog The Farm Girl Cooks, but I know I was immediately charmed by her photography and the clear integrity of her words about life on a working, small-scale farm, Bialas Farms, about 70...more

Friday Cocktail Hour: Swizzle Me This

In hot and humid NYC last week, we were invited downstairs to our neighbors Tobin (of Hella Bitters) and Jourdan for a cocktail. “I’m mixing swizzles,” he emailed. A perfect summer cocktail if ever there were one ....more

Grill Your Burgers!

It’s summertime, for crying out loud! Nothing beats the smell of the smoke when hot fat hits hot coals. Grilling alone is a primal pleasure ....more

Friday Cocktail Hour: The Paloma

I’m in New York City this week and so must fall back on an old favorite cocktail and,...more