Sorry Mom (Or Yet Another Softball Injury)

Last night, I got drilled by another line drive in softball. Look at the beautiful scenery during last night’s game! In my shin ....more

My Mom Always Hated That I Was a Pitcher

And this is why… Say hello to my disgustingly bruised and extremely painful quad. Turns out when a dude rockets a ball up the middle, you get very little time to react, and last night, I just couldn’t get out of the way fast enough. It’s one of the occupational hazards of being a pitcher ....more

2015 Frederick Half Marathon Race Recap

This morning I ran the Frederick Half Marathon for the third time! It’s easily one of my favorite races, but I haven’t actually run it since 2011, so I’ve really been looking forward to running this course again. Back in 2011, I feel like I look super young! ...more

Sports, Miles, Books and Looks of April

April was a pretty great month around these parts. Some solid running, a nice little vacation, classes wrapping up for the semester. Really some good things all around ....more

Running in Charleston

When I was planning my trip to Charleston and asking friends for recommendations on what to do and where to eat, almost every single person told me the one thing I had to do while I was there was “run the bridge.” The Arthur Ravenel Jr. bridge is a 2.5-mile bridge over the Cooper River that connects Charleston to Mt. Pleasant ....more

Girls Weekend In Charleston

I’m back from a quick trip down South to visit friends, and while all vacations go by way, way too fast, we managed to cram a lot of fun and good food into our long weekend. (I’m actually pretty surprised I’m able to button any of my pants today.) Here’s a quick look at the weekend, mostly in pictures. Saturday night we ate dinner at Poogan’s Porch, where we all destroyed some delicious Southern BBQ ....more

April is off to a great start

Hi friends! Sorry to be MIA again. End of semester crunch time over here, but I wanted to pop in and say hi ....more

Adventures in Small Town Running Or Being Chased by a Dog on Your Long Run

So this past weekend, I spent a glorious 3.5 days at my parents’ house in PA. The trip couldn’t have come at a more perfect time since I was going through some serious burnout and desperately needed to escape the city. Home is where the heart is I spent a lot of the weekend relaxing, but also did massive amounts of homework, and some running ....more

Sports, Miles, Books and Looks of March

I have never been so happy to put a month in my review mirror. March was just awful. The weather sucked, work was beyond stressful and school just about made me want to cry ....more

Taking a Few Days Off

It’s pretty much not a training cycle for me if I don’t end up with some sort of stupid injury. This time around has been no exception to that rule, but at least what I’m dealing with now seems sort of minor compared to some other injuries I’ve dealt with. Back in February, I was having some serious calf/shin issues every time I ran ....more