Holiday Lights Run and Giveaway Winner

Last week, when I was buried under finals stress, I desperately wanted to squeeze in a few quick runs to break up the monotony of studying and get some fresh air. So I decided to do a short loop around the most blinged-out holiday lights house in the DC area. The Bishop’s House, as it’s known around here, is famous for its over-the-top holiday lights ....more

2015 Running Goals and a Giveaway

This post is sponsored by TomTom (and there’s a fun giveaway at the end for you!) I got my new copy of Runner’s World in the mail the other day, and the New Year’s issue always gets me excited to start thinking about what I want to do in terms of running in the next calendar year. For years my goals were always big races — marathons or half marathons. But this year, I’m thinking about going in a bit of a different direction ....more

The Munchkins Turn One!

(Be forewarned, this post is full of adorable baby pictures! In fact, if you look at the approximately 1,000 pictures currently saved on my phone, I’d say at least half of them are pictures of all my baby cousins. Totally normal right?) I cannot believe it has been an entire year since my cousin’s twins were born ....more

You Know It’s Finals Week When…

1. I fall asleep on top of my textbooks and wake up thinking maybe I learned something through osmosis. 2. I’m living on a steady diet of cereal and foods that come out of my freezer ....more

Rolling Stone’s Massive Disservice to Rape Survivors

We’re going to go a bit off the normal topics that I blog about here and tackle something a little more serious because I have a lot of thoughts and feelings on this Rolling Stone/U-Va. cluster-F. Some background before we dive into this: I’m a journalist by trade, and though I don’t work in a newsroom practicing the craft on a daily basis anymore, I still put a lot of weight in the basic tenants of journalism ....more

Ugly Sweater “5K” Race Recap

A few weeks ago, when Emily asked me if I wanted to run the Ugly Sweater 5K with her and our friends, Anne and Jennifer, I’ll admit I was hesitant mainly because the race was an untimed, fun run at National Harbor. Jennifer, Emily, Anne and me After a few epic race disasters at National Harbor (cough Hot Chocolate Run cough cough), I had pretty much sworn off all races there, and I wasn’t too stoked about throwing down money on an untimed race entry. But… I really like running races with friends ....more

Meeting Baby Heather

Oh man I’m so not ready for my long weekend to end! Between all the holiday-themed activities I had going on and the extra doses of family time I got (my aunt from California and my parents are both in town!), I’m not quite ready to get back to the real world tomorrow. I know I owe you two race recaps, and I promise those are coming, but I got to meet my newest baby cousin tonight, and that was kind of more exciting than both races put together ....more

Decorating Gingerbread Houses at Make Meaning

This weekend was full of two things: studying and a ton of holiday-themed activities. Christmas has come to my apartment My finals are coming up this week, and I’m more than a little nervous about them. It’s been a long time since I’ve done the cram for finals thing, and this weekend has been a not-so-nice reminder of how much it still sucks six years post-college ....more

CCHS Class of 2004 High School Reunion

As is the great tradition of high schools almost everywhere, my high school hosted our 10-year reunion while I was home in PA for Thanksgiving. I wasn’t totally sold on whether or not I should go — mainly because I only knew for sure that one of my other good friends would be there. But Allentown just got itself a minor league hockey team (the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, formerly the Philly Phantoms, the minor league team of the Flyers) and a brand-new hockey arena to go along with the team ....more

A cold and snowy Thanksgiving run

Happy Thanksgiving friends! Before digging into turkey and all the fixings and spending the day vegging on the sofa watching football (GO EAGLES!), I decided to get in a quick run this morning. As much as I hate cold weather and really dislike the snow in DC, in PA it’s all so pretty ....more